Should the United States House of Representatives remove military bases from Japan?

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  • Natural disasters in the pacific region

    If Japan or nearby islands are in need of urgent assistance and aid like in the event of a tsunami, earthquake, or eruption then the US has equipment in place for fast assistance. It's not just war that the military can do on the globe. We have to a knowledge that. Aid would take weeks otherwise.

  • They should not.

    The United States House of Representatives should not remove military bases from Japan. Those bases provide the United States of America with very strategic bases of operations in case there is an attack on the United States. Japan is not being harmed by them so there is no reason they should be removed.

  • They need to be kept in check

    We have been an occupying force in Japan since the end of World War II. While Japan may never again be the formidable military threat that we faced in that period of history, we should be aware that there are nationalistic sentiments within the country's elected parliament. By keeping American forces on the ground in Japan, we keep those sentiments in check, and effectively prevent Japan from even thinking about aligning with our enemies.

  • We should have a force in Japan

    I believe that the US House of Representatives should retain a military base in Japan. Having a bit of muscle in foreign countries to show what we are, what we can do, and to provide an ear to listen to potential needs is important and making American an "icon" for the world.

  • US Military Bases Needed in Japan

    The United States House of Representatives shouldn't remove military bases from Japan. These bases are needed in the Pacific region to defend our allies in that area and to initiate any offensives deemed necessary. Removing these bases would weaken our allies in the region and would make any U.S. response around the area slowed.

  • Full Congress, President Must Approve

    The House of Representatives doesn't have the authority to remove military bases from Japan. Yes, the House is responsible for funding bills that make up the Department of Defense budget. However, the Senate must approve such measures and the president has to sign the legislation rather than veto it. I agree that our military bases overseas must be cut back, the House is only one part of the solution and not the entire thing.

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