Should the United States institute a universal healthcare system?

  • Make It Entirely Public

    The only way to ensure everyone gets equal health insurance at the cheapest cost is to make all health insurance publicly-owned. The only difficulty with that is there will be no more free market system with health insurance. Plus, nationalizing health insurance amounts to socialism. Yes, we should have universal health care. The trick is making it cheap enough for everyone who wants it.

  • Universal Healthcare in the United States Should be Instituted

    I believe that the universal health care system should be instituted in the United States. One must look at Europe, or even our neighbor Canada, where this system is already in place and it benefits everyone, including the doctor who can help their patients without the profit incentive. When this system is instituted, it will benefit every citizen and help people recover and not fall into debt traps where they loose everything they worked for to pay for their health.

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