• Only if they are cooperative.

    The Russian government is really no different from the US government. In both our histories we have used each other for our own personal benefit and when we were not using each other we were competing with each other. The United States and Russia compliment each other and it is more beneficial to work together than to work against each other.

  • No, to take some grain of truth and layer it in lies until it shines like a pearl of undoubted wisdom is perhaps the ultimate triumph in the murky world of propaganda and disinformation.

    Putin is a Russian. He has no affinity for the higher ideals of civilization, or the religion of 'human rights' unhinged from a territorial imperative. He does not indulge in self-criticism to perfect society, but only to maintain and empower Russia. Like every non-Western country in the world, he understands that you must have somewhere to stand, which must be defended, or risk being a swimmer in an unending ocean of events, defenseless against even the smallest, jagged-toothed creature.

  • No, the United States shouldn't trust the Russian government

    The Russian government has a long history seeded in secrecy and spies. I do not think it would be wise for the United States government to trust the Russian government FULLY, though I do understand there are diplomatic issues that require collaboration between the two. Just as the old adage says - keep your friends close, but your enemies closer - that's appropriate with this relationship.

  • The Russian government can't be trusted

    The United States has many allies, but we've always had a tricky relationship with the Russians. Their government has been under the control of Vladimir Putin for years, during which time many individuals who contest the bureaucracy have died under mysterious circumstances. That doesn't sound to me like a government worth trusting!

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