Should the United States use military action against Iran?

  • The U.S. is justified in using military action to stop Iran.

    Iran is a threat to the region, to U.S. allies, and a threat the U.S. itself. Iran is not content to be left alone and, given the governments view of western culture, inclined to become a greater scourge to the world in general. Khomeini's views about right and wrong extend far beyond Farsi speaking people, and he is willing to go further than words if no one stands up to him.

  • The United States

    I personally agree,Iran will probably not be an issue, but to say military action is not a viable option is too premature. Our military could use bunker busting bombs to penetrate their nuclear operations. The sanctions have not halted their progress, and we must seek out an alternative. Military force might be that alternative.

  • No more american blood for israel!

    What I fail to comprehend is on a post like this no one seems to address the real issue! Was the Iraqi American wars (1&2) about "weapons of mass destruction? NO! It was all about Israeli security. Was it about oil? NO! America gets most of it's oil from Canada, Mexico, and Nigeria. The only reason for instability in the middle east, is Israel! Built on a lie, from a scripture they don't believe in (bible), continued to illegally accummulate stolen technologies and atomic secrets, ( thank's France), and become the leading main power over the middle east. Their lobbying group in Washington D.C., is so powerful it can influence american/foreign policy. America has taken out the other "Big boys on the block" for Israel, but this time there is a blatantly disregard for America interests in the middle-east. Least of mention: since Israel has accquired their own nuclear capability, they have threatened nucluear war on: Russia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Egypt and also to all American and European nations that do do support Israel in time of war. But... What is the real argument here? I believe first and foremost, ( no matter your political affiliation) is complete transparency! Who cattered to lobbyist? Who acted for the people's will? We the people must hold politicians accountable judiciously. These bastards should be tried for treason! Thd people will prevail, not the gornment. "We made the government, the nation" ; " The government should fear the free-man; The free-man should not fear the government".

  • No, the United States should not use military action against Iran

    The united States should not take military action against Iran. They have taken far too much military action in the past with prior conflicts in the middle east, so I think it would be a bad decision to take military action in Iran. The US needs to learn to let countries handle their own conflicts.

  • Iran is inconsequential to American Policy.

    Iran really is not a threat to the US. The only reason Iran has engaged the US in any aggressive posturing at all is because the US acts as a protector for Israel. Iran and Israel are obviously not undergoing any peaceful relations. Military action against Iran would be pointless, unless the US has some reason for starting a new world war.

  • not at all

    No, I think that any use of force against Iran is just going to put us into a new war, which we really do not need right now, since the nation is deep in debt and we need to make sure we fix all of the problems that we have.

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