• The Current National Anthem is completely outdated.

    The song, first was written in 1814. That's 199 years ago. Nearly 200 years ago, this country's National Anthem was established. Not everyone will agree with my reasoning but here goes. First of all, I believe the so is extremely outdated, as so plainly demonstrated by my earlier statement. Because of the gap between now and then, the song is hard to connect with. I believe that if our country is to proudly sing an Anthem that represents us, it should at the least be a song we as the people can relate to. The archaic styling of Francis Scott Key, may have been accepted in the 1800s but i don't believe it necessary that we must continue with a 2 century old song.

  • It's based on a beer song.

    Considering that our current national anthem is based on a bear song melody, i think maybe we should. Even though it is a very historical anthem we need something that other people won't hear and think...Wow. America. Already we are seen as lousy alchohol drinking, drug taking reckless people. Why make it worse.

  • USA never had a real National Anthem - We adopted a War Poem.

    We need a real National Anthem that emphasize the beauty, power and diversity of our great country. The present National Anthem was a war song against the British that we adopted. Ironically, we set this war poem to the tune of an old British drinking song. Were we not nature as a Nation to create our own music?

  • It's a hard one to memorize

    I feel like this national anthem is one that people in today's society don't really understand or even memorize! Like, most celebrities flubbed the lyrics and showed no understanding of what the song meant. It's really hard to sing too! It doesn't mention the counties name or anything! The lyrics don't represent America in any way and no one really knows about this war. It's a lousy and boring song that doesn't really have a tune. Especially in "land of the free" the note is really high and hard to raise. Time to adopt a new national anthem! One that represents this country! And one that everybody can understand and memorize!

  • Here's my idea

    I think the new national anthem should be "Suite Madame Blue" by Styx. The reason for this is because it's 100% patriotic/"Go America!". The vocals are catchy and the instruments are epic. Very well done, beautifully composed. The lyrics are more poetic and entertaining, it has a better chance at getting stuck in our heads. The fact that this song is about the statue of liberty should be up for consideration without question.

  • A disappointing melody

    While the Star Spangled Banner has had a history of patriotism, it's melody is somewhat boring, and there are plenty of more beautiful american songs, like Battle Hymn of the Republic for instance. Also, the fact that the melody of SSB comes from a british drinking song is a little of setting.

  • Times are changing

    The Star Spangled Banner is from the war of 1812 and conveys the sentiment of that time. We are now in the 21 century and the nation is more multi-cultural than it was them. The sentiments are the same, but what we want to project as a nation may have changed. We have a great cultural heritage with many noted composers. Let us select a new national anthem in tune with our times. A country may have more than one national anthem ... Let use select another to complement what we already have.

  • The Anthem Needs to be Changed

    Most People have difficulty memorizing a song whose tune is to a beer-drinking tune, on top of that, An English beer-drinking tune. The lyrics are different, but they speak of a war that most have forgotten ever happened. I don't think that "Bombs bursting in air" and "The Rocket's red glare" should represent America.

  • Our current National Anthem is too hard to sing

    Also, half of the words used are obscure and from the early 1800's . America should not accept "o'er the ramparts" as a line in our national anthem. It's not really that American of a song. We just stole the tune from a British drinking song, whose lines include "oh, the yellow haired God; and his 9 lusty maids". I say we replace it with the "Stars and Stripes Forever", add some good lyrics threatening the United Nations and bing bang boom, you've got yourself a nice national anthem.

  • The 3rd Verse of the song is about killing slaves and poor people

    All you need to do is read the third verse (not usually sung). It is about killing slaves and poor. Is that what our country is about? Aren't we able to change and grow and realize that women should vote and slavery sucks? The song is a disgrace. Holding onto racist traditions is the logic of infants.

  • The US already has a national anthem, so why adopt a new one?

    People have been trying to state that the US should adopt a new anthem, and that "The Star Spangled Banner" is outdated, and not as good as it should be as an anthem. But this is untrue. People have been using this song for centuries. Why take time to learn and memorize a new one? This is a simply ridiculous proposal. Plus, this is a tradition. Why abandon our tradition? Traditions are traditions, and we should not abandon traditions. We all need to stand strong against the proposal of a new anthem!

  • We shiuld not change the National Anthem

    A symbol of American Pride such as the National Anthem should never be changed. It worked fine for 200 years, why change it now? There's no sense in wasting our government's time to fix something that isn't even broken. Our sense of national pride is diminishing as it is. Hundreds of thousands of men and women died to give us this National Anthem. We should honor the values they sacrificed all for. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  • The Star Spangled Banner

    The National Anthem of the United States of America was written by ancestors who built the democracy it shares today. Freedom, patriotism and sacrifice is what built America, the Star Spangled Banner explains this. It would be extremely disrespectful and dishonorable to change it. The Star Spangled Banner should never change, for any reason.

  • The Star Spangled Banner

    The National Anthem of the United States of America was written by ancestors who built the democracy it shares today. Freedom, patriotism and sacrifice is what built America, the Star Spangled Banner explains this. It would be extremely disrespectful and dishonorable to change it. The Star Spangled Banner should never change, for any reason.

  • Whats next? Change the flag

    Sick of all this B/S . This country is divided more then I have ever seen. Liberals are giving away the country and the conservatives are just basically all talk and no change. Oh lets see? Next people will say the flag is outdated related to it has no black stripes. And then trans genders and gays will need the field of stars the color of the rainbow. If we do not start getting on the same page and paying attention we will be living under the Russian flag.

  • Don't change our national anthem

    "We" as Americans have been singing the National Anthem for two hundred years. It's "OUR" history! Why change it? It's meant something to "US" for all this time and still means so much to "US". "WE" are THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Land of the Free! Home of the Brave! History has always been so important (every part) so, why are people so quick to jump on changing it? IT'S NOT RIGHT! SO NO! DON'T CHANGE OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM!!! That's my input

  • It's beautiful and celebrates us

    The National Anthem should highlight what makes this country great. The one we have does that. It tells a story of bravery and pride for "the land of the free and the home of the brave". Over the 200 plus years this has been our national anthem, Americans have won wars with tyrants, sacrificed everything for this land, and been to the surface of the moon. Everything we have done fits this theme. We should celebrate that and recognize that with the anthem we have which suits our nation. Not only that but it is adaptable to multiple vocal and choral styles. What could be more appropriate to a country created through diversity?

  • Get over yourselves

    The future is ours. Do not live in the past. Go volunteer. Do something important with your time. Why can't people help others in a way that actually helps them. Visitation, volunteering, monetary gifts to shelters, etc... All you are doing is causing bad feelings. Want to be on the front page. Stage a benefit. All you big time sports figures. Get together put some of that money into charity work. Work for an actual Cause! You are taking the FUN out of football. Did not even watch last week.

  • Symbol of Freedom

    Every time I hear The National Anthem tears come to my eyes because I have so much pride and respect for our country. I understand what it stands for and what we went through to get where we are today. It hurts my heart to think that anyone would want to change it.

  • The National Anthem is NOT the full poem

    The National Anthem, is a very unique anthem, and by far one of the most beautifully composed throughout history. America is founded on Immigration, we are a blend of different races and different genders. We inspire one another, and we aide each other when called upon. People still believe in some form of the American Dream, and being here in America, gives them oppourtunities to do something great. The National Anthem is a song that unites us, makes us put aside our pety differences and stand together. So no, don't change what makes us United. As we are the United States of America.

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