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  • It is not a good idea.

    I am all for helping the least fortunate, but socialism takes it way too far. If I work hard for my money, why should I give so much of it up so that the person who didn't work as hard can have as much as I do? My parents grew up during communism in Russia, and I personally believe socialism is not any better.

  • No socialism here!

    The idea of socialism is appealing to a lot of people. That is not how our country was founded. Personally I believe we should build our own security and not depend on our government to supply basic needs. I am not against helping in need, but I feel that when you take away the incentive to earn and build your own security we will end up with a much lazier population. Besides, something or someone has to pay for all these services. It's called taxes and don't we already pay enough?

  • No, the US should not become a socialist country.

    The US should not become a socialist country. We should remain capitalist, and keep our ideals similar to when our country was founded. As the country ages, things change - things our founding fathers could never have predicted. However, socialism is not the answer. There is a variety of ways our country can improve without delving into socialism.

  • No, US should not become a socialist country

    I don't believe that the US should become a socialist country but I do think that the US should become more socially aware country. I think that the US is too capitalistic and democratic to turn 360 degrees and all of a sudden become a socialistic country. In my opinion, that would never work.

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