Should the US Government financially support countries that are currently persecuting Christians?

Asked by: bjjurgenson
  • But y not

    They be snakes. How am i supposed to go to church when all i do is get kicked out. Sorry like god made me this way. I can not get in there bud. That make me more mad tan a goose without a purse. My friend garrett hates wearing hats too

  • We should help our brothers

    The United States is the largest Christian nation in the world and the wealthiest as well. We should be helping our persecuted brethren in Muslim countries because it is our spiritual duty. Christians are known to help orphans, refugees, women, and children in war-torn countries like Iraq and Syria. Christians are going through a genocide in the Islamic world and it is time for the leader of the free world to stand up for Christian rights.

  • The US government should NOT support any country that persecutes people for their religion

    Other than humanitarian aid the US government should not financially support any country that persecutes people for their religion, whether that religion is Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or even nonreligion or atheism (which yes I know aren't religions but freedom of religion includes the freedom not to be religious). The US should stand up for human rights. We also should not give financial support to regimes supporting homophobia, racism, or sexism.

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