Should the US government legalize all weapons and weaponized vehicles?

Asked by: ThePS101
  • The government has control

    Currently, the government has control over the people because of its advanced military technology and weaponry. While most people don't take the whole "protecting from the government" argument seriously and call people who use it conspiracy theorists, this only shows an ignorance of history. Government control over the people, whether or not the system is democratic, will cause tyranny. In the 1760s and 1770s the British government tried to gain control over its American colonies and limit their autonomy. Because they had been autonomous for generations, they refused to let the government have control. Since they had military technology on par with Britain they won, and therefore they were free. If the government had better weapons, for example, machine guns, the colonies would have been defenseless and the Americans would never have been free. Other situations where the government has disarmed the people: 1930s Germany, Soviet Russia, Fascist Italy, Feudal European monarchies where the serfs were practically enslaved by the kings. Lenin, Hitler, Mao, and many Founding Fathers all wrote about the fact that a disarmed people were the easiest to control. If you want to live in these situations, give up your weapons. Otherwise, fight for your right to weapons.

  • See "Supporting Argument" for the details of this topic.

    Most people on the side against gun control states that we need weapons that would protect us from tyrannical governments. In order to do so, our weapons need to match what our enemies may have. Since the government has tanks, jets, drones, and other weapons, should the US Government legalize ALL weapons for its citizens (meaning that if Billy Bob has millions to spend on a tank, he can legally own a tank with ammunition for the tank. If Willy Wonka can afford a F-16 fighter jet, as well as an airfield, he can own a fighter jet).

  • Guns are not the answer

    If you give them guns then they ask for grenades. It's human nature to keep pushing and taking more, so why would you give the world another problem, when it has to deal with so many other uprisings (which are helped by the use of guns) You should outlaw the guns and put strict laws on them.

  • This is a country, not an Anarchy.

    So I guess its fine for the weapons trade to start dealing Humvees. There is a point when there are to much gone. I don't want to see people carrying around explosives, machine guns, etc. Nor do I ever want a SUV with a machine gun drive down the road. But for the mean time I can agree with some weapons. But M60 machine guns on top of armored SUVs, Ground to Air missiles all seem a bit much. Considering it would make it easier for terror strikes.

  • This idea is dangerous and irresponsible.

    Thankfully, this will never be a real possibility since our government, while imperfect and corrupt, has some measure of sanity. How is it that people think weapons are the answer? I am not for total gun control, only for sane and ethical regulations (background checks and psychological screening and banning of assault weapons), which we lack in America. Legalizing all weapons would create a dangerous and violent situation. Chaos would ensue. The foolish, ignorant or mentally inept would cause countless, meaningless deaths. This is not to mention the fact that billionaires could potentially purchase countless lethal weapons and become even more untouchable, allowing any who might desire more power a chance to rashly attempt a power-grab using extreme force.

  • Why the hell would people think this is okay?

    I'm a strong advocate for the 2nd Amendment, I believe people should have every right to bear arms. But seriously? Regular civilians owning tanks, weaponized vehicles, and -ALL- weapons. If people want THAT much freedom, they can move to somalia...LOTS OF FREEDOM THERE! There is such thing as TOO much freedom, there has to be rules and regulations to maintain order.

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