• I believe that Truman was correct in dropping the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    In my opinion, the bombs that were dropped were a good choice. Yes, it resulted in Japanese casualties. But, if the American troops invaded Japan, it would've resulted in many American casualties. Would you rather it be our own people being murdered or foreign people that already attacked us before? They had already attacked us before. So, why would someone say that when we bombed them that it was racist, when they bombed us first? We did not have any racial problems with them, just their actions. Their actions on attacking us is what we did not like. It had nothing to do with their race. This is only one reason why the bomb should have been dropped on Japan.

  • Ms. J -

    The decision to use the atomic bombs at the end of WWII remains controversial today. If you believe President Truman made the correct decision in dropping the atomic bombs on Japan respond below. Your response needs to be supported with a minimum of three reasons. For each reason you must use specific textual evidence to support your opinion. **In the Supporting Headline - put your first name and last initial.

    Posted by: Ms.J
  • Don't Drop the Bomb

    When we dropped the bomb, it killed many innocent citizens. Japan was going to surrender anyway because of the United States' blockade. The United States was blocking the border so Japan couldn't get the supplies they needed such as oil, gasoline , and rubber. Also the Japanese Air Force was destroyed

  • We should not have dropped the bomb

    It killed tons of innocents. They didn't deserve to die.Many civilians also got harmful and long term diseases. Like cancer and radiation sickness just to say a few.What if this happened to us most of us would not be here today.Most of us would probably be dead or have harmful and incurable diseases

  • Natelee G Huyser

    In my opinion i think that the bomb that was dropped on japan was a very bad decision and was not necessary. Taking from the information i looked up it says that Japan was getting ready to surrender in may of 1945. Also there were two guys named Korechika Anami, and Torashiro Kawabe were ready to negotiate. Lastly there were also other ways to shorten the war like the Hoovers plan. Only because the bomb dropping was not necessary. That is why he bomb should not have been dropped on Japan.

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