Should the US limit the number of children allowed per couple?

Asked by: camerontear
  • Having too many children is wasteful, irresponsible, and contributes to an already exponential population increase in the US.

    If a couple has more than 2 kids, that is one to replace each parent, then they are adding to the already disastrous population growth that is occurring in the US and many other countries around the world. If we allow the current exponential rate of growth to continue the number of humans on the planet will be at 10 billion by the year 2050. That's only 36 years away! Scientists hypothesize that for our planet to be able to survive resource usage the human population needs to hover around the 4 billion area. Being a US citizen I can only speak for us but I think we need to limit families to 2 kids right now in order to stem this growth. The details can be ironed out in Washington.

  • I agree in limiting birth rates

    If all couples only had two kids then that would replace each parent indeed.

    Since gay couples can't have kids then that would mean the population would slowly decline.

    The lower the population the more resources that remain.

    Besides we already have countless kids in fostercare and such all because people give birth who can't support a kid, don't want them, or have to many already.

    This should of happened a long time ago when we first had a huge population growth. Hopefully it isn't to late to take control before we live on a planet where everything is artificial, because it's all been used.

  • It should not be a law.

    I think trying to educate people about being responsible and having less kids is one thing, but enforcing laws to stop is violating someones rights. The one thing you can do to curb people having too many children is to stop giving them benefits. Don't consider children as tax write offs, don't give aid to those who cannot afford children and make them reliant on family & friends.

    I personally know of 4 couples, in which both the mom & dad are deadbeats, yet they all over 3+ kids. Want to know how? They can go down to the local WIC office (since they are not married) and the girl can claim she needs benefits. The father can then get benefits of his own through food stamps, housing assistance, etc. It is really easy to work the system.

  • It's not there business.

    It's my choice as to how many kids I can have. If I want to have a big family because of cultural or religious reasons and I have the money to do so than I should be able to have many kids. I don't like how these women on welfare choose to have as many kids as they possibly can have because that way they get more money. I don't think people should have more kids than they can handle but of your stable and you can afford a big family than the government shouldn't be controlling you like that.

  • We're nearing the demographic transition

    Soon the US population will fall below replacement levels just as many nations in Europe, Russia, and Japan have.

    Regardless a softer approach is possible and desirable. Use tax policy. If we want less kids tax people more who have more kids, if we want more kids give people with more kids greater tax benefits.

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