• Yes, Border patrol brings jobs and security

    Border patrol agents are the well trained me and women who keep the US safe. Border patrol gives the US over 21 thousand jobs. It also more importantly Keeps illegal immigrants from crossing and potentially threatening the safety of our nation. With out these border patrol agents, drug lords and terrorists could easily enter the US.

  • US Military should Patrol the Borders.

    It's important to keep our border safe. The military should protect the borders to make sure terrorists and illegal immigrants can't get in. Even if they can't be along the entire border all the time, the military could send a message that illegal entry could result in death. We should be stronger on crime.

  • Yes, the US Military Should Patrol and Protect Our Borders.

    The United States Military is meant to protect our country. This includes patrolling the borders. Many terrorists have been known to enter the US through Canada or Mexico. By limiting who is able to enter the country, we can cut down on acts of terror.

    Monitoring the borders will also cut down on illegal immigrants who refuse to play by the rules and benefit from tax payer dollars but do not contribute in return.

  • U.S military Oath

    Protect our country. We have the cartels traveling back and forth. We need the U.S. Military to defend our country. Terrorist,illegal.... I believe in the border patrol working main entryways to the U.S. ,Mexico,Canada. Why do we put our military in other countries,not in the U.S.A.
    We are so far behind. Maybe our Government is corrupt like Mexico's?

  • Yes. Definitely. Needed

    The point of having military is to protect our country, whether that be from the inside or out. The United States should lead by example, and make sure that all the rules are endorsed. Illegal immigrants know that what they are doing is wrong, they shouldn't be allowed to get away with that.

  • Yes. Actually a "no brainer"

    This would actually provide superior readiness training for our personnel who actually do waste a lot of time when not in the field. A constant rotation is needed to reduce the possibility of corruption. The additional cost would be minimal and would provide superior service to our country and training to the men and women of the military. It also stimulates the economy along the border.

  • The mest up whites

    This goes to show how selfish and how fucked up most white people can be. You had Mit Rommney trying to get rid of the Hispanics and thinks that making a music video for no reason. Then you have Donald trump or should a say Donald fuck who offends others and refuses to do anything else about the US. All he wants is to ban all Hispanics from America and will end up killing the US so fuck those to fools and the rest that believe that banning Hispanics will make a difference.

  • No the military should not patrol the borders

    The US in general doesn't need more troops walking around our borders, it is a waste of troops and a waste of time anyways a few generations in advance there will be men and women who's parents were illegal immigrants and will be able to serve for this country. The US shouldn't waste time or troops on the borders.

  • No, the military should not patrol the border.

    I really don't think that we need military grade weapons on the border, because 1) it will send the message that we want to fight 2) your practically murdering people 3) Mexicans will still find a way to come across the border so there is no use for it. 4) it is putting those military personal in a lot of danger

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