• There should be no age

    In Australia the voting age is 18, but I believe it should be assessed individually. I'm sick of the government telling me I do not have the cognitive capacity to make decisions, and do not understand the consequences of my action and how it influences other people.
    I'm 14 by the way

  • Yes it should

    The voting age needs to be lower because there will be more of a voter turnout and the usa will be a better place in witch kids can live in that is why the voting age should be lower vote yes if you agree with me on this topic bye

  • Kids are generally brainwashed.

    I actually think 21 is reasonable. Your brain is just about done growing, and young children are mostly "brainwashed" or under the impression on certain topics. Let's say I wanted to vote for Trump and the legal age was 13, and I let my parents know. They'd ridicule me forever. They constantly tell me negative about right-wing America and it is the same for most families.

  • I'm 17 and I think lowering the voting age would be dumb.

    Most people don't mature until their mid-20's. Many teenagers would see voting as a joke, and would vote for what they don't believe in. Even though many teenagers would be responsible, you can't trust the rights to all of them. The part in our brain used for reasoning hasn't completely developed yet.

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