• We should drop voting age to 13 years old.

    We should drop the voting age because 13 year olds should have the right to state what they think is right. When kids turn 13 they mature and want to do things older people do.
    That is why I think we should drop the voting age to 13 years old.

  • Yes it should

    It should be lowered because half of the things that are voted on, or the people that are elected, want to change something that has an effect on young people, for example education. It may seem small but believe me when the government decides to change your entire criteria for a specific subject a few months before your exam, then you can have a say. At such young ages we are expected to make mature decisions about what we want to do in our future, we get jobs, pay tax and other things that are expected of adults. Many people under the age of 18 are parents or actually support themselves and live alone. So apparently we are 'adult enough to make our own decisions' but when we decide we want to vote we are 'too young and don't know what we're talking about.' Right then.

  • It should be lowered

    I say that it should be lowered because there is a lot of smart kids out their that want to share their opinions and they need to get it off of their that some people are making bad decisions. We could even make a little test for them to prove that they know what they are doing. They must be 16+ I say.

  • Age limits are not the solution

    Well, in my opinion, age limits are not the solution for restrictions, especially ones which are important nationwide. I, however, believe that voting should be allowed for those, who are well-informed and capable of deciding rationally. While I do not know how can a test for this be carried out, I do know that this would be the best solution.

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