• Next to ideal - Cashless

    I am just going put them in point forms:
    1.NO STEALING IS EVER POSSIBLE. We need to integrate a new cashless system. The chip that used to be in the VISA/MASTER cards will be insert in the body. The chip also included personal identification such as - picture of the holder. Every transaction will be secured. NO STEALING is ever possible if the system decided properly.
    2.CANNOT AVOID TAX. Every business transaction will be retractable. Everything will be transparent.
    3.FASTER LINE UP. I believe when all transaction is just a "beep", it saves a lot of long lining up waiting time.
    4.NO FAKE CASH. I still receive fake coins or coins from other countries that looks very similar with less values. No more trouble like that.
    5.EASY MANAGEMENT-VERY CONTROLLABLE. I kind of not agree with other people said that is hard to control how much you spend. It's all about how you manage it. Integrate a daily/weekly/monthly limit function that can easily control the money you can spend.

  • The World Moves at the Speed of Commerce

    It is very hard to get away from electronic transactions. A cashless society is the final step in moving towards a completely paperless society since taxes can be filed electronically, court documents can be filed electronically and just about everything in our world depends upon computers. A cashless society is just a matter of time, not a matter of impossibility.

  • Banking system is corrupt.

    The central Bank, the Federal Reserve, the IRS have all been found (and proven) to be corrupt and entangled if not in control of the government. There is no personal privacy even today. How can anyone trust these corporations and governments? Do you really want a chip installed in your body? Use your common sense. People create real money, not governments, not banks. Governments can already seize your bank account if they suspect you are guilty of some crime. It will get a lot worse. A cashless society is one of the agenda's of the New World order whose goal is absolute total control.

  • No way. Cash is king!

    Cash means freedom for the consumer, and only the criminally obsessive or the criminally insane would waive their basic freedom. No ones likes the idea of being watched by an orwellian regime.. Everyone does microtransactions on a regular basis and would prefer they go smoothly, without third party proxies and inconvenient gadgets. Only the fat cats stand to gain anything remotely beneficial from a cashless regime, and their benefit will only come at a heavy cost, paid by the people. The consumers. We urge everyone to be ever vigilant and to expose and combat this vile new world order, this is easier than what one might imagine: just leave your credit card in the comforts of your pocket, and pay all direct transactions with CASH! We use cash exclusively, due to this global threat. And I assure you, we will not go quietly in the night.

  • Cashless is a silly idea

    Like credit cards you will not be able to keep control of your spending with having cash on you, you can control your spending. The government will be able to monitor our financial affairs it will be just be like a prison planet every thing will be watched from the higher powers our lives will be ruined.

  • I have agreement

    I think that if we do become cashless that we will have less charity and no one will have any spare change. Lending a mate money will be a pipe dream. I also think that if we become cashless people will lose track of the amount of money they have because it's not tangible. Also hackers

  • Need for Physical money

    People will lose jobs like the Mint, banks and people who make safes. We will have no need for safes (money safes). Everything will be on the internet and nothing will be hidden from the government. They will know every payment and everything you earn. No homeless people on the streets- please sir may you swipe your card on my reader to give me money- who would do that? Less and less charity, no change to spare. Being a cashless society can happen but it doesn't mean that it is good

  • No, I don't think so.

    I think that while using cash has it's flaws, that becoming a cashless society would cause more problems. There is the option of bartering, but that was used in the past and largely abandoned as inferior because there were too many things that were unfair or difficult about the system.

  • Too much government control!

    Although we use many cashless methods for transactions, we also have the choice of using cash. This gives us the choice to remove all of our money from institutions and stuffing it under the mattress to do with as we please. Cash is a tangible representation of our hard work, net worth, freedom to choose etc. We would be slaves to credit companies, banks and the government if we elected to have a monetary system that only exists digitally. You would also be at the mercy of hackers. We would be totally dependent on a power supply, those of us that choose to live without gadgets would be forced to own them. What if you wanted to disappear? You would be giving up more than money if you subscribe to this horrifying possibility.

  • People Need Motivation

    I don't think money is evil, people are. There is nothing wrong with money to the point that we need to eliminate. The only thing that needs to be altered is human. Currently, cash plays a very good role for motivating people because people do need to be motivated to do something. I doubt people would be motivated to go to work and be productive just in the name of harmony. Well, I do not think that is the case for Americans because we are so individualistic.

  • Credit Card companies would love it.

    Although the world could go cashless in a relatively easy manner, it is better for us not to go cashless. In a time where credit card companies already rule the middle class, giving more opportunities for credit card companies to scrape the money out of peoples pockets is not an ideal one.

  • No

    No, although idea cash has caused so much corruption around the world; without it, there would be no monetary system to keep the world economies in flow. We need cash as a value system as it allows people to "trade" their skills with one another, without the confusion of determining the value of each skill set.

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