• Yes, the world should cease using fossil fuels because of the danger to the worldwide environment

    It is clear from multiple studies that fossil fuels have resulted in a reduction in the protective ozone layer of the earth. Burning coal and primitive oils has also polluted our air. In addition, mining for these fossil fuels has resulted in damage to our physical environment by reducing land available for farming and by polluting rivers, streams, and lakes. We must instead develop alternative sources of renewable energy: including solar power, wind power, and hydroelectric power.

  • It would prevent so much strife.

    The age of fossil fuels needs to end. It helped improve lives and it devastated large parts of the environment. Humans have the amazing power of critical thinking so surely we can come up with some other source of energy. Despite the planned flights to Mars, we need to understand that this is the only planet we have and we need to save it.

  • Not only the fossil fuels.

    The underlying premise in this argument is the need for growth and how to achieve this with reduced or no fossil fuels. The premise is wrong. There can be no such thing as perpetual growth on a finite planet - it is logically and scientifically impossible. lThere is not only the problem with fossil fuels, whereas there are many other limits to growth - food, raw materials, ocean depletion, water, space for people and wildlife etc. Abandoning the use of fossil fuels may actually turn out to be the easiest of these issues to deal with.

  • No, we should not.

    The world should not get rid of fossil fuels. Right now fossil fuels are the most reliable energy source we have to power our factories, keep the lights on, keep our economies running. Getting rid of fossil fuels would devastate the global economy - plunging the world into an economic depression.

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