Should the world start focusing on exploring the ocean more than outer space?

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  • Let's Explore the Ocean!

    We're so interested in other planets, we haven't explored our own planet. The ocean is a vast thing and we need to explore it more to find out new creatures. You've seen many mysterious creatures from the water but we sometimes don't have the proof that it's real. That's why we need to explore the ocean more, to find out and learn more about these new creatures!

  • Ocean matter !

    -It’s valuable! It’s full of fish, shellfish, and seaweed that people eat. It’d be good to know where we can find those resources, and also how much of them we can take without depleting them. We also find things like oil and natural gas, which we seem to need more of every year.

    -It moves valuable things! Ships move the vast majority of manufactured goods and raw materials. You might want to know if your container ship is going to hit a rock if you’re in that business.

    -It’s interesting! There are more species and more biomass in the ocean than there are on the land. If you’re interested in living things… most of them are in the ocean not on land.

    -It’s… absolutely critical! See the above answer. It applies just as much to plants and algae as it does to animals. Most of the oxygen in the air you breathe comes from the ocean, not land. If it dies, so do we.

  • Ocean benefits us more

    Actually, there is a very good solution to stop spending billions of dollars on space missions and to explore space in ways that are safer and much less costly, the oceans in particular. While space travel still gets a lot of attention, not enough attention has been given to exploring the waters that makes up most of our planet. Over 500 people have journeyed into space and a dozen have walked on the surface of the moon, while only three humans have explored the deepest known point of the ocean. As we continue to exhaust resources, there are benefits of exploring beyond our home planet. But life on Earth is entirely reliant on healthy oceans

    Benefits us
    Provides Resources
    Our planet, human life and wildlife would greatly benefit from ocean exploration. Our oceans are nearby and have a potential source of discoveries. The oceans play a major role in controlling our climate. But we have not learned yet how to use them to cool us off rather than contribute to our overheating. Ocean organisms are said to hold the promise of cures for many diseases. An examination of the unique eyes of a ray fish led to advances in combating blindness, the horseshoe crab is crucial in developing a test for bacterial contamination, and sea urchins helped in the development of test-tube fertilization.

    Its Realistic

    Space can wait
    Take the oceans, about which we know much less than the dark side of the moon. Ninety percent of the ocean floor has not even been charted, and while we have been to the moon, the technology to explore the ocean's floors is still being developed. Sure, space exploration could also be informative but it wouldn't affect us as much as our oceans do. For example, space research can inform us when a meteorite is going to strike the earth, but that wouldn't happen until several centuries has passed, so why not use all that time to focus on getting to know about our own planet? Given the looming crisis of water scarcity, we badly need more efficient and less costly methods to desalinate ocean water. By 2025, 1.8 billion people are expected to suffer from severe water scarcity, with that number jumping to 3.9 billion by 2050—well over a third of the entire global population.

    Our planet, human life and wildlife would greatly benefit from ocean exploration. Our oceans are nearby and have a potential source of discoveries, we could address concerns ranging from climate change, disease, defenses against natural catastrophes; including tsunamis and hurricanes, to creating industry jobs in Environmental Science and the interdisciplinary studies within

  • Space is better

    Space is better because we already discovered 5%of the ocean while we didn't even search 1% of space.We already found life in the ocean.But we didn't discovered life yet.Space has many dangers that awaits.If we start studying now we might be able to survive the dangers like an asteroid.We can start sending droids and protect our only thing we have:EARTH

  • Space is bigger

    Yes, we should explore the ocean as well, but there is much more in space compared to the ocean, E.T's, other planets, black holes, white holes, supernovas, etc. Our ocean is tiny compared to the rest of the universe. When we are advanced enough, we might be able to explore Europa's oceans.

  • Ocean equals horrible

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  • Advantages of exploring space outweigh advantages of exploring the ocean.

    The ocean might be vast, but it is nothing compared to the size of the universe ( referring to the observable universe ). We need to ask ourselves, what could yield bigger results. Exploration of the universe could and has answered the questions about its origin and the origin of the Sun, the Earth, information proved invaluable. On the other hand, what could come out of exploring the ocean ? Maybe several discoveries in the field of biology.

  • Scientists are usually not generalists.

    Just because you are a scientist doesn't meant you are qualified to research the ocean.We have so many biologists and astrophysicists that we can afford to study both. We dont have to study one MORE than the other. If you want the ocean to be researched more, write your congressmen, because they dont think people are interested.

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