Should the world start focusing on exploring the ocean more than outer space?

Asked by: TheEpicBro300
  • Let's Explore the Ocean!

    We're so interested in other planets, we haven't explored our own planet. The ocean is a vast thing and we need to explore it more to find out new creatures. You've seen many mysterious creatures from the water but we sometimes don't have the proof that it's real. That's why we need to explore the ocean more, to find out and learn more about these new creatures!

  • Space is better

    Space is better because we already discovered 5%of the ocean while we didn't even search 1% of space.We already found life in the ocean.But we didn't discovered life yet.Space has many dangers that awaits.If we start studying now we might be able to survive the dangers like an asteroid.We can start sending droids and protect our only thing we have:EARTH

  • Space is bigger

    Yes, we should explore the ocean as well, but there is much more in space compared to the ocean, E.T's, other planets, black holes, white holes, supernovas, etc. Our ocean is tiny compared to the rest of the universe. When we are advanced enough, we might be able to explore Europa's oceans.

  • Ocean equals horrible

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  • Advantages of exploring space outweigh advantages of exploring the ocean.

    The ocean might be vast, but it is nothing compared to the size of the universe ( referring to the observable universe ). We need to ask ourselves, what could yield bigger results. Exploration of the universe could and has answered the questions about its origin and the origin of the Sun, the Earth, information proved invaluable. On the other hand, what could come out of exploring the ocean ? Maybe several discoveries in the field of biology.

  • Scientists are usually not generalists.

    Just because you are a scientist doesn't meant you are qualified to research the ocean.We have so many biologists and astrophysicists that we can afford to study both. We dont have to study one MORE than the other. If you want the ocean to be researched more, write your congressmen, because they dont think people are interested.

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