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  • No, the world'ss richest have too much

    No, the world's absolute richest have too much money to keep for themselves. The wealth is not spread enough, and millions of people suffer, sometimes at the expense of one man's savings. I do not believe that the top 1% is entirely to blame, and there are people in this category who in fact do deserve more tax breaks. For example, a man making $300,000 a year with 6 kids is in the top 1% of income, but it is still going to be difficult for this individual to put his kids through college. The problem is more centered around the top percent of the top percent. These ultra-wealthy individuals do not deserve breaks.

  • The richest should not get more tax breaks.

    No, the richest bracket of people should not be given an increase in tax breaks. Tax breaks given to the rich end up on the shoulders of the middle class. The excess money isn't funneled into job creation or increasing the wealth of the middle class as bureaucrats who support this decision think; they end up in rich people's bank accounts collecting interest and helping no-one but themselves.

  • Tax breaks for the wealthy are not the way to go

    The wealthiest people in the world often get that way by exploiting loopholes. It is high time that those loopholes (such as tax breaks) are closed - for good. Discontinuing tax breaks for the wealthy will help shrink the ever-widening gap between the social classes, and move our society forward.

  • We should tax the rich

    As it is, I don't think the rich in this country are taxed enough. We should not be giving them more tax breaks at it is already. They should have to pay more taxes than the middle and lower classes. This would help balance out the economy, and give other social groups in the country a chance to succeed.

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