Should the youth be more involved in politics, the community, and world order?

  • More Peaceful Intentions

    Youth who are more involved in the political process tend to be more well-rounded in their education and offer more peaceful solutions for our planet rather than seeking violent means to an end. Youth who are more involved in world affairs stay out of trouble as opposed to joining a gang or doing drugs. Kids should be more involved in these activities because it is a part of their future.

  • Politics needs to be brought down to a level in which the youth have a franchise

    The young people of today understand their scope in the world. Whereas older generations were primarily aware of their community, and aware of the larger scope of politics only through distant news, the current generation has statistics, political viewpoints, and exhaustive analysis at their fingertips. The youth of today have the perspective of the world, but have an opportunity to apply that viewpoint on any level to which they aspire.

    It would be good to see young people become involved in local politics. Any election or vote where they count for a significant percentage will encourage them to see actual results from their suffrage. If they know that organizing 40 friends will tip an election, they will begin to see the value of shared belief and organize around those beliefs. Ideally they can interact at a more sophisticated level than merely two parties. They can form interest groups that help to shape a more modern and informed political structure.

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