• Yes the kids will love it

    I got a couple reasons 1 don't you think it takes so long for the week to end but it comes so fast next they need more time to practice sports last if they have to make an report they have a extra day! Don't you agree thank you for reading.

  • Aye Sir! .W.

    We work hard! We should have more time off.
    .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W. .W.

  • Yes we should

    We should because student need time to rest and relax. We will also use this time to work on unfinished homework and projects. We will also be able to see our friends more often and have fun we will be more free with three day weekends, so I think we should have them

  • We definitely do

    We work hard all day for 5 days, only to receive a 2 day break. During these 2 days, we have to fit in any fun/party related things, but how? We only have two days to do them in, and we work all day for five. We deserve more relaxation time

  • You no yyou

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