• They should be banned

    They would be arrogant because of their early success; they would buy posh cars, go to places that soak up their money. They would act like they are too good to talk to normal people. Believe me. My classmate in school is a Idol star trainee, and though she is only a trainee, she acts like she is Michael Jackson. And that dosen't make her likable.

  • Yes they should ban child actors.

    Because its child labor. I always hear adult actors talk of how hard they work on set . It is work and child labor is illegal . Why should Hollywood get a pass. Its not fun time. And we now know many of them are sexually abused by adults. And given drugs . And look at how many of them turn out. Note I said many not all.

  • Only for entertainment

    Actors and performers are only for entertaining the people.Nothing else.They cannot cure a patient nor can they build great things.The performers may be role models of people.But I think they are stupid.All actors and singers have a dark story behind them.When we hear them do not we feel disgusted.So i say that performers are not essential.

  • It will mess up their future

    Child actors/ performers get put into the lime light to early. They soon want to look more mature. This leads to getting involved with drugs, drinking and general hurtful things. They see the big stars that talk about all theese bad actions and think that they need to be like that

  • It deprives the youth of a somewhat necessary childhood.

    If the child in question spends more timing acting/singing/ dancing, then they are missing out on the experiences the childhood has to offer. I, for one, believe that the average childhood experiences are key in a person's life as they are the basis of our understanding and provides us with memories, that are good for retelling to our grandchildren in the future!

  • Yes, exploitation and a peaceful childhood are at risk

    I for one think that child performers should definitely be banned. There is a serious risk of exploitation. Not only can parents take a child's money but they can also force them into doing things that they don't want to do. Also, it limits the child's education. One of the most important parts of growing up is enjoying a social, happy childhood and we are simply pushing these performers to grow up to soon and come into the world of drink and drugs. There are plenty of examples of celebrities that went of the rails when young like Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Macaulay Culkin and Drew Barrymore.

  • Feeling stupid or low self esteem

    If a child performer cannot attend school because of their busy schedules away acting and what not, they will fall behind in school and not be at the same academic level as their peers. When the child does go to school, they'll see that their friends may be doing much smarter than them and the child performer may feel stupid or develop a low self esteem.

  • No, Because it would put pressure on adults having to perform in later life.

    If we ban child performers then children will get no practice of performing, in whatever area, for when they are older. This will only lead to a decline in adults who feel willing enough to perform, i.e. less performers and entertainment for our country.
    If our country has less entertainment we will have less tourist attractions to bring money into our country, leading to a major dip in the amount of money our country is making.

  • Look at it in the more logical way.

    If a child is performing, there is a higher chance that they will be pressured and put in to the situation of maturing too quickly. Also, it is more likely for a child performer to get frequent breakdowns as they are judged by many eyes. A performer may more or less likely to not be attached to their school work as it drifts them away from it.

  • It is dangerous for their adult life

    I think that child actors should be banned because as observed with numerous ex-child actors like Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, and Macaulay Culkin have all became child actors at least 3 times in their life and all of them are on probation(last checked 7/4/2014) and all are on drugs and all of them have at least one million fans watching their every move and absolutely worship them and if child actors these people who got extremely high amounts of money when a teen and when allowed to spend when 18 they have spent it on everything they should have and the root cause of this is them not being in school, studying but have been working and regardless of what job they have it interrupts their learning. This uproots their entire life so they will most likely be unemployed when around 40 when their young audience become the next generation. This causes depression and usually leads to suicide. So the aged generations children think similar.

  • Child performer should be banned

    Child performer should be banned because they fell pressure and they do have the time to study their percentage will be down they have their mind stressed. We take an example that a works in circus , he might fall doing any ticks like walking on the rope...So children performer should be banned....

  • They should not be banned

    These children are exceptions to the 1973 Convention concerning Minimum Age for Admission to Employment, and so may be paid for their work, as long as they have permits that “limit the number of hours during which and prescribe the conditions in which employment or work is allowed”.
    Thank you

  • Performers shouldn't be banned

    Guys even I am an child actor doing plenty of theatrical play in dehli. I am in eighth standard and amount of burden upon me is well known to all but after a show you get relaxed instead of getting stress from studies and my grades got improved rather than getting down

  • Child performers should not be banned

    Guys even I am an child actor doing plenty of theatrical play in Delhi. I am in eighth standard and amount of burden upon me is well known to all but after a show you get relaxed instead of getting stress from studies and my grades got improved rather than getting down

  • No! Child actors should not be banned!

    Some might say that child actors are pushed to the limit and their education can fail, Those are few cases. Currently I'm 12 years old and i have been working on television/cinema since I was 8. Not because anyone pushed me to do it, that was just what i liked to do instead of being in front of my computer playing games. For me it was entertaining. From personal experience I can tell you a child actor's education will never fail. When you are working on a project that involves you taking time away from your school, you enter something called "Set school" For example, if you are filming an episode for a show, while the cameras are switching positions or changes are made, you must be in set school. In set school we still revive grades, take tests and more things. Even though we might get 20 minutes at a time, every week a certain amount of hours must be completed. Another point I want to explain is the "Stress" from competing with other actors. We shouldn't name it "stress", When I see other kids getting a part I wanted, I just think of why I didn't get the part and how I should do better next time. This will teach us for later in life that we won't always get what we want. Think of this as a hobby, like arts, dance and others In conclusion, we should just leave things as they are.

  • Not ban, only supervision

    Children should not be banned from performing, because it takes away their confidence and belief. They have big dreams about future like being famous , rich.They just need to perform that help them to reach their own life goals. Also ban has a negative effect on the people. If something gets banned, people who do not want it to ban will rebel and protest. However only limiting and supervision will be considered understandable.

  • Child Performers Should NOT be Banned

    Kids should not be banned from performing because it takes away their confidence and belief. They won't be able to dream big dreams after they go to bed at night and dream of becoming the next Justin Timberlake or the next Taylor Swift. It takes away the passion and the statistic from the child. Some children were born to be the next big thing and why not have them start a big career and something they love right now?

  • The society has changed

    When we ban child performers,we are putting an age limit on creativity,after all,performing is a form of creative arts.
    Also,we should not have the thinking that we are still selling children to circuses.Now there are guidelines to protect children.
    There is also a need to promote art appreciation,and this has to start from young.If a child can bring happiness and laughter to the masses,and she is enjoying it,where is the need for a ban.
    Performance practices also develop values such as discipline and commitment.Which is to the child's benefit.

  • Child performing should NOT be ban!

    I am 12 and have been acting for 5 years now. I feel acting gives kids confidence, skill, freedom, technique, and responsibility. I would be crushed if that were taken away from me. A few scare stories should not be taken as representative of the happy and successful performing careers of many talented young people. Although I feel there should be a law preventing child performers from being pushed to their limit and being forced to perform.

  • No they shouldn't, it takes away their freedom:

    Many child performers would undoubtedly protest if their right to perform were taken away from them, and justly so. This can be seen in quotes from the likes of Roddy McDowall, who said in an interview in 1963 that he “had a particularly wonderful time” as a child actor, and would presumably have been quite upset had a ban been enforced in his lifetime. It is beyond the rights of the government to make illegal an opportunity that allows those talented on the stage, in front of a camera, on the pitch, etc. (who might well not be so strong in other, e.G., academic, areas) to make a living from doing what they do best. Some child performers have also proved to be extremely business savvy – the ‘Olsen Twins’ have built a massive industry off of their Disney stardom.

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