• Example: Hunan Scandal

    6 orphanages in China were found to be involved in child trafficking. They were paying kidnappers to steal babies from Chinese parents. Government officials were storming couples’ houses to kidnap their babies. Their motivation? The $3000 fee they were receiving in return for supplying babies for international adoption, mainly to America. Adoptive parents were told that the babies were abandoned. This was not the case! The babies were kidnapped, not given up.
    I think international adoption should be banned because of scandals like the one in Hunan. Granted, this is not always the case, but it occurs too often to not be considered. Hunan was not unique, it was not a one and only. This is still happening.

  • Abort adoption!

    Adoption is nothing more than inflicting a life of legalised lies upon a person. Adoption involves an unnecessary, irrevocable legal severance of the person from THEIR OWN genealogical heritage! Adoption is nothing to do with child protection and should be abolished immediately. Adoption is nothing more than 21st century slave ownership.

    Posted by: 7rin
  • It's a circus

    International adoption is currently a mess. The process is corrupt, and many people doing it are doing it for all the wrong reasons. While there may not be anything inherently wrong with it, the process is so flawed at the moment that it is probably better to just forget the whole idea. There are enough babies who need good homes right here.

  • Adoptive Parent Stuggling with Ethics

    Really, I am 9mo home from SE Asia with my wonderful daughter, but I have struggled since before we left with what exactly we were/are doing. Can I deny that my particular daughter is happy, privileged, and doing very well? No. Can I reconcile this with the gut wrenching experience of visiting her country for 2 separate 1 month trips, and falling in love with it, and knowing she will grow-up significantly removed from it? No, not entirely. I don't want to seem self righteous, but....(famous last words right:), being from the mid-west, we have committed to living in the most Asian neighborhood in 5 states, learning as much of our daughter's home language as she knows (with hopes for more), engaging her home culture and religion/philosophy (Buddhism), and have plans to return to her country as often as possible, including extended trips as soon as she is able. What percentage of intl adoptive parents are even aware of racial/ethnic issues and identity formation, beyond some sappy sentiments shared at a mandatory class? Maybe 12%. How many have some sort of American superiority and/or Christian theological superiority-complex that compels them to save or "serve" the lost orphan? Alot. (I"m a Christian by the way). In summary: I am not ultimately against Intl adoption if the adopters are willing to sacrifice a good deal of what is likely a pretty privileged white life to become a genuinely multi-ethnic family. Unfortunately, I don't think this is very common at all, and moderately taught, and very remotely demanded of by agencies.

  • Americans first for adoption

    Honestly, why would one adopt a child from another country when there are natural born children here who deserve a second chance with a family willing to adopt. Why bring a international child to the US who wont have any family after you pass. Noone else signed up to adopt the child but you, at least with a US adoption there is a chance that the child will have some extended family to go to after the parents pass.

  • Kids belong home

    Kids belong in their home CPU treks with their own home country, with their own culture, language, their own people. There is a growing movement of adopted children back to their home countries, especially Korea. Besides many of the officials in these countries are corrupt and will even force families to give up children to meet quotas or make extra money

  • No to international adoption

    Many adopt from countries where there is a crisis such as a natural disaster,war and political chaos. Why bring the problem here when you can solve it there. In the sense that stop the source of the problem which is overall more efficient.
    For example, the syria situation, instead of adopting Syrians and them losing their culture, heritage and religion etc , we should be stopping the source of the problem which in this case is the president :Bashar al-Assad, this way we are tackling the issue and not ''beating around the bush''.
    If all countries unite to put an end to issues like these, we'd be living in a peaceful world. And don't tell that's not possible, if just America took a powerful stance , Bashar would be gone in no time, for example Sadam Hussein( the president of iraq from 6 July 1979 until 9 April 2003) was removed from presidency by the US in a mere 2 months

  • It just isn't safe

    In reality international adoption is just not safe for the child. It increases the number of trafficking and takes a child away from its culture and home. Although we all want to be heroes and save children in need but we need to save our own children first. In 2015 69,540 children were in public care. In 2016 70,440 were in public care. The number is going up! Besides the child might not even really be a orphan by adopting him/she you are preventing him/she from ever finding his/her real mum. To conclude I would like to talk about medical information, when adopting internationally you might not be able to access his/her history or medical information. This means the child may have a medical condition which you are unaware of!!!!! So although banning international adoption may seem like a heartless move, it really is for the best.
    Thank you for reading :)

  • Adoption is disgusting

    These adopted children could be used for slavery. These poor,wide eyed children are being used for Asian's dirty work like oral and anal sex. They are used to get dirty water for the rich in Asia. This is truly disgusting and should be banned immediately. Thankyou for listening to my opinion.

  • For the bants

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  • No, I don't believe there should be a ban on international adoption

    What would be the reason to justify it? I can't think of one. There's no good reason to ban international adoption. If a couple wants to adopt from another country, they have every right to be able to do that. Isn't one of our rights as Americans the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? To take away the chance to adopt internationally is to strip us of that right for those that may wish to do it. It wouldn't be right. So no I don't think there should be a ban on international adoption at all, there's no reason for it, and it would be a violation of our right to do as wish so long as no harm is done in the process.

  • No, I don't think there should be a ban on international adoption.

    No, I don't think there should be a ban on international adoption.There are so many unwanted children in other countries that are given up for adoption that we here in the United States would love to provide a home for. If it would make their lives better, I think it would be great.

  • You're kidding right? Right?

    I came onto this opinion and was appalled by how many people are against international adoption! Unlike in America, kids from other countries might be starving in the streets! Have none of you been to third-world countries? I mean really, ban the last hope for millions of children around the world? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid! I have friends who were adopted from other countries. They have turned out just fine.

  • Ban on adoption by foreign nationality is racism

    International adoptions need to be reformed, not banned. A person who wants an international adoption ban would have to be a Far-right wing extremist with a belief of British-Israelism or known as Christian Identity. I believe that International adoption should be reformed, because of the abuses of Russian, Chinese, Korean, trafficking of Mexican, Cuban, Brazilian Portuguese, and territorial Commonwealth Puerto Rican children. The U.S. government has done too little to stop abuses of children with foreign nationality since 2010. The adopted boy from Russia was being back because of his abusive adoptive mother from Alaska severely and harshly punished him. Reforming International adoptions will reduce the abuse of adopted children of foreign nationality. Those who don't agree with me is a racist. I want an International adoption reform bill that will reduce the abuse of adopted foreign children.

  • No ban on international adoption

    No, I don't think there should be a ban on international adoption. There are so many unwanted children in other countries that are given up for adoption that we here in the United States would love to provide a home for. If it would make their lives better, I think it would be great.

  • Could you tell a child

    Could you look a child in the eye and say you can not have a family because no one in your country wants you but don't worry people in other countries do but you can not lie with them because the live out of the country and know no one will ever love you if so what type of human being are you

  • International Adoption Saves Lives

    By Saige Fuller
    April 20, 2016

    International adoption is sometimes a controversial topic. Many individuals believe children should not be taken away from their home country because they fear the child might loose their cultural identity and its unfair to deprive a child of their heritage. Some people wonder why adopt internationally when we have so many children domestically that we need to find homes for first. Other critics of international adoption fear that international adoption opens the gate for children to be trafficked. While these are all legitimate concerns, international adoption has the potential to be a much better thing than a bad thing. It must be carried out appropriately and with regulation, but the pros of international adoption far outweigh the cons. Ultimately, international saves the lives of children. There are millions of orphans in developing countries who are not only deprived of a family, but they are also deprived of food and shelter. Developing countries are unable to take care of all their orphans, especially in times of political chaos, natural disasters, and war. These orphans often suffer from malnourishment and starvation. They quite frequently carry diseases or have disabilities that cause them to die before they even reach the age of thirty. Governments and economies in developing countries are unstable so there is no way to treat or provide for these children- except through international adoption. International adoption can not only provide a child with the basic necessities of life, but we have the recourse's in the US to treat disabilities of the mind and body. International adoption is about more than just deciding to add ethnic diversity to your family. International adoption plays a part in solving a global crisis. It saves the life of a child in years, and also in quality. Every child deserves a home and a family. The number of children in developing countries who are in despair is unacceptable. International adoption might not solve the global crisis of solving dying children, but any help makes a difference. International adoption should always be allowed and encouraged in the U.S. because it gives life to those who need it most.

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  • Its not fair

    Children from all over the world deserve the chance to live in a happy home. Banning this amazing kind of program and opportunity gives the children around the world no hope for a home. Many of them will have to live in unhealthy environments and could possibly be poor for the majority of their lives .

  • A better life awaits

    I have read numerous articles about this topic and feel strongly that international adoption should remain legal. There is no doubt that there have been cases with child trafficking, but as Elizabeth Bartholet, director of the Child Advocacy Program at Harvard Law School, puts it, "...If a plane goes down, they don't ground the whole airline industry ... The only institution I can think of that when there's a problem, they shut it down, is international adoption." We hear about the child trafficking cases, we don't hear about all the times international adoption resulted in a healthy, supportive family for the adoptee. There are other options then shutting the whole thing down, such as more regulations and monitoring of the process. It has also been argued that the countries interested in adopting from foreign places will not be suited for international adoptees. My family moved here for the great opportunities that are offered, and I know the same will be offered to international adoptees. In short, we should not stop the whole idea of international adoption because of some cases. If we work to make the business safer, the process could be helpful to both adoptive parents and their adoptees.

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