• "All answers, are within" -Nader Monthav

    It's funny because the world will probably become even more dystopian and anyone practicing religion will be killed and for nothing. I hate the idea of religion, but just like gun control and smoking and bad foods, the masses have to figure out this stuff is bad and ban it on our own and for ourselves. Otherwise it's just more of the government controlling us, telling us what to do, what to think , and how to feel. PLEASE, NO MORE GOVERNMENT THAN NECESSARY.

  • It causes more problems than it solves.

    Banning religion would cause way more problems than it would solve. For instance, Christians would take to the streets in all-out riots. The current president would be labeled the anti-christ and offed immediately. We would have our very own holy-war on our hands, and chances are we would lose. Even though not all Christians would immediately sign up for this nonsense, the devout ones would eventually convince the less devout to join them and fight the time of tribulation. Or theyd all run around naked waiting for the rapture.

  • No ban on religion

    It was made a constitutional right in the United States for people to be able to believe and express whatever religion they wish to support. They did this for a reason, and I think it is relevant today as well. People should not be prevented from believing and attended services for a specific religion.

  • No, banning religion won't fix any problems.

    Banning religion would be akin to banning gravity. There's just no way it's going to happen. And even if religion was banned, who's going to police it. This is pie-in-the-sky thinking that is unjustified and not worth considering for debate. There's just not a feasible way to ban religion, period.

  • Impossible task to expect

    No. Humankind has been practicing religion of various sorts since before man discovered fire. It is inherent to the nature of the human beast to see something that is greater than ourselves, and that, regardless of the name you give it, is religion. It would be impossible to ban religion, just like it is impossible to ban prayer from school. Public displays of religion is another ball of wax.

  • There should not be a ban on religion

    The government should not ban all forms of religion. Although there are people that use religion as an excuse to commit certain acts, including violence, most religious people find comfort. It can be a wonderful thing, and most do not use it to commit a violent act in the name of a certain religion.

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