Should there be a ban on television advertisements aimed at children?

  • Sex ads and drug ads

    The ads that talk about viagra and other sexual ads on t.V influence children to look into sexual activities more often. They also influence children into drugs and drinking as well. I have seen some ads on t.V. That make me sick just at the fact my 7 and 9 year old sons are watching it with me. The shows are also influencing my kids to ask questions that they shouldnt even ask at the ages of 13.

  • Ads are a breach of our personal space

    Ads should be removed completely or moved to an allocated channel specifically for advertisement and if we so choose to see it then that should be our choice to do so, Because when I pay my money for a tv cable and electricity I do not expect nor want to be shoved in my face more consumerism continually every 15mins of watching something a barrage of ads that Is forced apon me why do this I am not a trained monkey I will only buy something if I ever needed it or I wanted something not because tv ads have shoved it in my psyche I don't believe I have ever bought anything on a whim from watching an ad apart from a mcdonalds but that's another story, for obese people they are basically advertising there drug of choice would u do that for a heroin addict,, the amount of time through the years I have had to watch ads is shocking if u think about it. Advertisement is everywhere but the last place I want it is in my home every day. Its like there's no respect we are just consuming robots, the entire four to five mins or more of ad breaks around 10 different ads flashed in my face its got to the point tv can stress me out because. Concentration is continuously being tested I now mute ads but if I am paying the money I should have the right to dictate like everyone else whether we want to see ads or not

  • No no no!!

    If we stop these adds it would have a negative effect on the economy because people would lose jobs and businesses would shut down .Not good ...Also Nowadays whenever we go, we can see advertisement and in marketing we need advertisement because its help to attract the consumer for any value. The benefits of the advertisement are to increase the product sells and make profit. In our group we agreed that targeting children in advertisement is good, and the great deal of advertisement on television is aimed at children by promoting different kind of product such as food, drinks, toys, clothes, and ext. If we will speak about food children naturally like foods that are riches in fats, proteins, and sugar, it’s give them energy and power to grow. It’s true that eating lots of these things is bad put it is gain a problem of bad parenting rather than the fault of advertising. So we cannot blame the advertisement.
    In addition to that there are lots of different advertisements that teach the children a good thing for example lifebuoy soap it’s taught the children how to clean and wash their hands clearly and remove the germs from it. Also the nido milk advertisement its shows the children that if they drink it they will have a very good a strong health and bones. Nido advertising is encouraging the children to drink it.

  • Should be banned

    When it comes to commericals they are very persuasive. Especially in the mind of a young child. For example in beer commericals they describe how the beer is delish and great for you. This child will be influcened by the ways of the commercial and want to drink. As the child gets older they will have a habit of drinking and at an early age become an alcoholic. IS THIS THE KIND OF WAY A CHILD SHOULD LIVE! Other commercials may be far worse, and do a lot of damage to a young person.

  • Tv Ads featuring sexual innuendos and undertones or even revealing clothing or suggestive scenery is an infringement on the privacy of my home

    During the Super Bowl, the commercial with the naked woman and the cheeseburger came on. Not only did I see way more than i wanted to, but an entire room full of children saw it too. This awakened questions that i thought would not be asked, let alone answered for years to come. It is annoying that one cannot watch a football game without seeing nudity, sexual scenes, and hear innuendos.

  • Ads encourage alcohol use

    The ads aimed at children encourage drug and alcohol use by making it seem fun and cool. Just like how coca cola commercials advertise for a drink that is refreshing. They even play the ads on commercial breaks during shows that teenagers watch. What they obviously dont show in these commercials is how bad alcohol is for children and teenagers. Long term consumption can lead to brain damage, ive heard of a lot of underage drinkers binge drinking. This all stems from advertisements encouraging children my age to drink up.

  • Yes it must be banned .....

    Advertisements makes children quarrel with their parents to buy the product they were told to. . This can show negative reaction over their parents. This can be a big problem as the parents need to make them understand the consequences behind buying the product and so on like that. So no advertisements.

  • Yes, it should be banned

    Because it encourages children to eat unhealthily and therefore when this advertising works they become obese. This would not happen if advertising was banned. Children would be free of temptation of fatty food and could continue watching television without the risk. Especially since parents will buy what their children will eat and when there is consistent nagging fast food will be purchased.

  • I agree with ban

    I feel the constant bombardment of television advertising effects both adults and children & wish there were limitations imposed on all types of advertising. A person can not watch tv, read the newspaper or go outside with out being subjected to ads. It's frustrating not to have any control on what you are being subjected t

  • Encourage Free Thinking

    A child has a vulnerable mind. It takes in all sorts of impressions, attempting to understand how the world works. As children grow older and become adults, they have a more stable understanding of the world, although they may still be influenced. Advertisements have the sole purpose of manipulating the seer to their goals. They catch the seer's attention, and in most cases the seer will momentarily forget about the commercial. But then the advertised product will seem more familiar when they encounter it in a store. Please, leave the children's minds alone. They do not even have money to spend; they will have to persuade their parents. Let the children think for themselves; don't throw all kinds of materialistic pleasures in their faces. Materialistic products will only briefly satisfy them. Don't let them grow up with the delusion that they will gain fulfillment from objects. The U.S., especially, is guilty of this. They often bring this with them to adulthood, the more materialistic spoiled the child is.

  • No!

    Television shouldn't be banned, it's also educational and very informative. How would we cope without news and catching up with what goes around in society. I understand that our bodies are effected but to be honest, everything has a risk. People just have to control what they do and work around the problems.

  • No, television ads directed at children should not be banned.

    What is needed is more media literacy education. Children need to know that they are being bombarded by messages (both good and bad) every day. They need to be taught how to discern these messages from a very early age and to decide how to react to the messages based on content AND controller.

  • I think that there should not be a ban on ads for children because it is the parent's job to teach their children.

    More and more issues with children are being blamed on external things. No one really looks at the heart of the matter in that it is the parent's job to raise and educate their children. It is unfair to have the government telling you how it is to be done. I understand that certain ads, for example for food, are a temptation, but it is up to the parent to teach the child correctly.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Toy manufacturers have to be able to market their products to children, otherwise they would go out of business- plus it would be impossible to enact this ban.

    Children's television ads should not be banned because it's how children find new toys to play with. Also- toy manufacturers would go out of business if they could not advertise to children. It's also impossible to imagine that such a ban could actually be effectively put in place. And it's difficult to argue the intended audience of many advertisements- hence creating a slippery slope between catering to children, adults or teenagers.

    Posted by: R4yCher
  • No, I disagree, because I feel it would be a violation of freedom of speech and expression.

    I feel that a ban on television commercials aimed at children would be a violation of freedom of speech and freedom of press. Maybe in another country this ban would be allowed, but in the U.S., it should not not allowed. The First Amendment clearly states that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibit the free exercise thereof. Nor will it abridge the freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of the press. And finally, it will not forbid the right of the people to peaceably assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances. You can read the U.S. constitution in full at this link:

    Posted by: baronet38
  • Well I do not think there should be a ban on television advertisements aimed at children since they are also a very important target audience.

    Advertisers need to reach out to children. Moreover it would be better if there could be a reasonable amount of censorship as well as restriction rather than banning the whole thing.

    Posted by: WittyRud
  • Advertisements targeting children aim to promote the products and services.

    Advertisements targeting children aim to promote the products and services, which cater for children's needs and have no damaging intention at all.

    Posted by: R4v3nIsaak
  • There should not be a ban on television advertisements aimed at children because there is nothing wrong with such advertisements

    There should not be a ban on television advertisements aimed at children because a ban would imply that the advertisers are somehow to blame for Generation Y's need to have brand name products. Most who complain about there being too many ads geared toward children argue that the ads make kids think that they need to have the latest and greatest in toys and other products. However, there's nothing wrong with seeing a few ads. It should be the parent's responsibility to monitor how much TV their child is actually watching so that they are not overexposed to said ads. That's not the responsibility of the government or an industry.

    Posted by: SandDari
  • I do not think there should be a ban on TV advertisements aimed at children.

    I do not think there should be a ban on TV advertisements aimed at children. Children are one of the main consumers of television, and that is a great way for companies and organizations to get information about their products out to them. Parents are able to control what children watch on television, and whether they can watch it or not. Advertisements geared towards children are not harmful to them, and I think its more important to worry about the too mature TV shows that some children are watching rather than a company advertisement about a new toy.

    Posted by: ObaICheese
  • Censorship is never justifiable as it limits free speech rights.

    Free speech rights should allow advertisers to advertise whatever they want however they want and it is up to the consumer or viewer to make informed decisions as to the quality of information being provided in the advertisement. If the viewing of such commercials were mandatory then I agree that it might be healthier if the messages and methods were regulated.

    Posted by: Wynn354

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