• yes of course

    The New Orleans City Council should cap and eventually reduce the number of strip clubs in the French Quarter, and police should strictly enforce existing bans on illegal activity in those clubs, according to a study released this week by the staff of the City Planning Commission.

    But while the staff said a ceiling on the number of clubs is needed, it said reductions should come through attrition and new spacing requirements, not through forced closures.yes there must be ban on cap.
    i fully agree on this topic.

  • Strip Clubs should be capped for the sake of tourism

    With all the strip clubs and opportunities for sexual pleasure, sin-city, err, Las Vegas, has definitely earned its reputation. Having been to Las Vegas several times, I know there is more to the city than simply sex and gambling. However, because of the connotation people have with the city, those who want to take their trip on a family trip will vacation elsewhere. New Orleans has started to head down this road as well with but can choose a different direction if they choose to market it that way.

  • No, there should not be a cap on New Orleans strip clubs

    To put a cap on New Orleans strip clubs, you would have to put a cap on all strip clubs in the United States. Crime associated with strip clubs isn't exclusive to New Orleans or the French Quarter. There are multiple ways to decrease crime associated with strip clubs including security, police presence, etc.

  • There should be no cap on New Orleans strip clubs.

    Strip clubs are a business so if a lot can stay in business then there is a customer demand for them. A cap on strip clubs would overpopulate the existing strip clubs. If there wasn't a high demand in New Orleans then the strip clubs would be shutting down themselves rather than a cap having to be placed on them.

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