Should there be a consitutional amendment that allows gays and lesbians to legally marry?

  • Gay and lesbian marriage should be legalized everywhere!

    People are who they are. Women were made from man, so why can't man be made from man? Why can't woman be made by woman? We are all the same. I read somewhere that a group of boys from a school literally beat a gay kid to death! Who are you people? We are all different. Some people like video games, some people like school, sports, reading, dance, the list goes on and on! Does anyone see my point? We are all the same, no matter what we do or like.

  • Only Way to Prevent Lots of Lawsuits

    An amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America is the only way to ensure equal rights for gays on the topic of marriage. Otherwise, lawsuits such as those in Massachusetts and now in Utah will be commonplace until all 50 states recognize the rights of homosexuals to get married. The Declaration of Independence stated Americans' rights to the pursuit of happiness. I don't recall seeing an exception for gays in that document. Let's extend the spirit of happiness to all those who seek it, not just the fundamentalist Christians who want to ban happiness in the form of the "supposed" sin of gay marriage. Nowhere in the Bible does it say gays can't be happy. In fact, Jesus says the greatest commandments are to 1) love God and 2) love your neighbor as yourself. Hate is not a family value. Loving your neighbor includes homosexual neighbors. Unfortunately, the patriarchal nature of the church that seeks to control its members is bent on pounding the "sin" of homosexuality into our brains. It's not a sin, it's love, which is what Jesus preached all along. Let's start listening to the words of our Lord and Savior instead of the perverted words of those who seek to twist His message for their own inflammatory gains. A preacher can't make money for his church without riling up the masses. Think about where the real message is--from the Bible and Jesus' teachings or from the pulpit?

  • Change the constitution and stop the argument

    Marriage is not a strictly religious institution, but a legal one as well. Allowing the decision up to states rights is a cop out decision that promotes discrimination against homosexuals, who want to get married and normalize themselves in society as much as heterosexuals do. Change the constitution to allow it federally, and if any decision to discriminate is made against homosexuals, it should be left to the churches, not the state.

  • From a legal standpoint everyone should be allowed to marry.

    From a legal standpoint, marriage should not be restricted to heterosexual couples. Homosexual couples should be able to seek the same government benefits as their heterosexual counterparts. There should, therefore, be an amendment that legally recognizes all married couples regardless of sexual orientation, and provides them with equal benefits under law.

  • Yes There Should

    I think the progression of allowing states to separately change laws has cost the United States far too much money and time, as each separate legislator has to debate and decide on each topic. When one marries in one state, it must be held up by the others. Therefore, having legal gay marriage in one state, means it should be so in all states. I think it makes far better sense for the federal government to declare it legal.

  • Marriage, a legal right to all consenting adult

    With the overturning of the Defense of Marriage Act, federal agencies now must recognize same-sex couples who were married in states where it is legal. Since the federal government has now made a precedence, other states with constitutional amendments banning gay marriage should also be over turned. A state may not rescind a right granted by the federal government.

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  • 14th Amendment says it all

    Same-sex couples are already qualified to wed under the 14th Amendment; "No person shall be denied equal protection of the law". In Lawrence vs. Texas (2003), under the equal protection clause, the Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional to criminalize consensual sex acts among adults, whether they be heterosexual or homosexual. If same-sex couples are allowed to be intimate with each other, why can't they marry?

  • Its already covered

    Every time an issue comes into the public eye, suddenly people believe the cause requires an amendment to the Constitution. The Constitution is not amended easily, and pushing for one in order to allow homosexuals to marry is an inevitable dead end. A better strategy is go state by state - slower, less decisive, but can actually work.

  • There should not be a consitutional amendment that allows gays and lesbians to legally marry.

    Marriage is a state issue and not a federal issue. There does not need to be a constitutional amendment for or against gay marriage. States can make their own decisions on the issue. In this way, the country can compromise. There are too many disgreements for the entire country to come to a consensus.

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