• Yes,absolutely...

    Yes there should. Many crimes are committed at night. A curfew helps protect the children. Besides, what would a child be doing out late at night? Some places in the US really do need a curfew because of the rates of crimes being committed. Kids might complain "they are taking away our rights" when they should think about the other children in other countries where they don't have rights to basic things. And what is the problem with staying at home by around 11:30.

  • There'll always be a limitation

    In everything we'll do, our parents should be involve. They know more than we do... And it does not mean that as a teen, we should be the only one in control of our action.. Remember that the freedom we long do need a limitation. As long as we are at home, we are safe

  • Decision Making Process in Progress

    Teens approaching the age of accountability still need guidance/supervision as they acquire necessary skills of decision making. They have freedom during a school day to walk about, socialize, and follow through on things each teen must do to meet his/her responsibilities. Their freedom during the day is practice time independent of supervision. Staying the course of making good decisions can be challenging, for they have yet to "know it all" whether they realize it or not. Curfews are beneficial to the student for they can be saved from themselves. Hopefully, all parents and guardians understand that some freedom is good for teens to have so they may learn to be responsible. Use curfew time to review the days choices and encourage the individual about the benefits of utilizing the freedoms they do have wisely.

  • Yes,there should be a curfew for teenagers.

    A curfew would be a useful tool when it comes to controlling teenagers.Someone that is a teenager has very few internal ways of controlling impulses,therefore they have inhibitions.A curfew would at least keep them safe to some degree and give them some kind of guidelines when it comes to their daily activity.

  • This is my essay so far... I am doing an essay on this....

    It is currently 11:30pm, and Avi, a seventeen year old boy, is looking for a place to smoke. He is sitting in his room, contemplating to slip out of the window or not. He knows that in Chicago, where he lives, there is a curfew for all minors between 13 and 18 to be indoors by 11:30pm. Remembering that Alexis, a girl who goes to his school, was given a 500 hundred dollar fine for roaming the streets at night; Avi thought twice before leaving his house. He does not have that money, nor does he want to make his parents disappointed in him. He decides to use this time to study for a mid-term that he has to take tomorrow. Curfews have always been used in subtle ways throughout history. Some examples are in the 106s, 1940s, 1970s and all the way to present day in various cities across America (Henry). Most of the citizens in the United States are very familiar of hearing about curfews (this is in source 1). Establishing curfews will help teens maintain appropriate academic scores, promote public safety, and reduce crime.

  • Teens need Curfews.

    They will help the parents know what their teen is up to when the teen is at home. Parents should remain strict about it because it is what keeps the teen from leaning towards the "bad side". Curfews scan also prevent the teenager from going around at night, where many drug dealers appear. Also, sometimes cars do not stop at stop signs because they do not see them. So, a curfew will protect the teen from many risks.

  • Curfews are for your own protection.

    There should be curfew for teenagers because you don't know what teenagers do overnight. Most of the time teenagers become missing or lying dead on the streets. Where I live, there was a guy who was a high school student. He went to his friend's house Friday night then walked home. When he got near his house he was crossing the street and a car drove over him! He was found dead on the street in the morning.
    So it's for your own good. When you're gone missing or lying dead somewhere your loved ones will miss you.

  • Ask me, I'm a teenager.

    I'm 15 and I can tell you that there is no good reason for teens to be out at certain times of night, say, midnight to 4 AM. A friend of mine was out at that time and walked over 6 miles to another friends house to vandalize it, obviously without permission from parents. I can't see a good reason for teens to be out at some times without adults.

  • Teens Need Guidance

    Teenagers, especially those under 18 years of age, need guidance. Part of that guidance involves a limitation on the time spent away from the family home. A curfew is part of that limitation. The later a teen is away from home, the more likely they are to come to harm, either directly or indirectly. Directly could involve date rape, gang attack, random shooting, etc. Indirect harm can come from peer pressure to take drugs or have unprotected sex. The curfew can be adjusted and finally discontinued as the teen matures and accepts more responsibility for their own actions.

  • The pros out-way the cons.

    I think having a curfew is a great idea, not just for minors, but for everyone. Having a curfew would minimize crime almost completely if the risk of being out was high. I'm currently watching a movie where this is a curfew and if your out past then, you die. Now I'm not saying we should have a death penalty, but curfews work the best if the risk out-ways peoples "plans". However, having a strict curfew can be dangerous, people can revolt and try to overthrow the government if said "government" was being corrupt. I know many kids and even adults have fun at night and want their "freedom" but no-one has freedom anyways. True freedom would be harsh and cut throat billions would die, because people would have freedom to kill,steal and rape if they are stronger then the other. Like so many already said Yes people need freedom but there will always be a need for limitations to keep the freedom we have already. So at the end of the day, I think many would agree a curfew would be for the best.

  • My opinion is a valueable one as I'm the president's daughter

    I feel like there should be no curfew for teenagers as freedom is a good thing. Teenagers need that in their lives, as this will provide experience to them for their lives in the future. As a parent, I know that this is helpful to kids as they can have good times with their friends in the night and see cool stars. Being 15, I feel like this is valid and that needs to be heard.

  • No because what will they do so wrong.

    If they have a curfew then they will be tempted to do things before they have to go home or inside, so i don't think they should have a curfew as teenagers because if they do something wrong and get into some trouble then they will know not to do it the second time at night.

  • No there shouldn't have curfew

    Teenagers should not have a curfew because on weekends we don't want to sit on our butts and watch television. If we can't go other places then we would sit on our butts and eat everything in the house. More teenagers would become obese. Why should teenagers have a curfew when they aren't in school. Why not let them do whatever and if they fail they fail but you would just always know that it wasn't your fault.

  • Their should not be a curfew

    Having a curfew will just make all the kids made. And that is like having no trust in anyone. Or like throwing them behind bars parents should be able to trust their kids if not you need to give more disipline and show them what not to do show them they are very special and it is bad to do that stuff.

  • Their should not be a curfew

    Their should not be a curfew for teenagers because they should have the right to be free. And caging them up is only going to make them made. I don't think all teenagers are doing bad stuff but I think it's how their razed and how they hang out with.

  • Never Ever Should Teens Have A Curfew...

    We don't want to be with our family all day. We go to school, come home work study, and then we have no time to have fun. We never get time to do what we want to do because there's all this other stuff that we have to do. Give us more time let us be free.

  • Teens need freedom

    I choose both sides becuase teens want freedom but there is limits.Teens want freedom and we have wild minds and that is okay. Teens should listen to their parents because parents use to be teens so don't be afarid to talk to your parents about somethinng you want to do.

  • It is no fun with one.

    With a curfew we can't have any fun. Many teen's idea of fun is to stay up late with friend's. When we are old we can't have that type of fun. We need to have strong friend-ships now.So when we are older we wiil have great stories to tell are kids and grandkids.

  • I'm rooting for both sides

    Okay so I am a teenager and well, I believe that there should be limits to the amount of time a teen gets to spend in the night. A teen should be allowed out until around 12 depending on where they go. If the teen switches venues, let your parent/guardian know the general area you will be in so they don't worry. If your guardian want you home at a specific time its probably for a good reason. Parents need to remember that they were teens once too and they didn't like their social life to be controlled all the time, & teens need to remember that their parents have first hand experience at being out late. As with that being said parents loosen the reins a little bit, & teens well don't make your parents regret their choice on freedom and if you don't have freedom than re evaluate what your doing wrong and if you don't know ask your guardian.

  • Teenagers should not have a curfew.

    Teenagers should not have a curfew because on weekends we don't want to sit on our butts and watch television. If we can't go other places then we would sit on our butts and eat everything in the house. More teenagers would become obese. Why should teenagers have a curfew when they aren't in school. Why not let them do whatever and if they fail they fail but you would just always know that it wasn't your fault.

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