• Definitely something we need

    People are far too stupid to decide if they are ready to have kids or not and most of the time end up negatively affecting the kid because of bad habits/bad parenting. I've actually seriously discussed this with a black friend who see how ignorant most black males are and came up with questions that would determine if you got to have kids or not. Also if you have more than 6 kids you should be sterilized, you don't need that many ever.

    An idea I think would work is to sterilize everyone and grant a temporary cure to those worthy of breeding. If after the first kid you should you are fit you may be able to have more. It's harsh but this world is too small and too many idiots something needs to be done.

  • Only The Best

    Here's a good one, those who want $15 an hour for flippin burgers. Obviously people who do not want to make the effort and better their lives with an education but instead want everything handed to them. Let's not forget drug abusers. My goodness, I have an uncle who has 8 kids with 2-3 different women and my cousin has 7 from 6 different women. They hardly see their kids cuz their too busy partying but still claim welfare. As a matter of fact, my cousins baby girl is here and where is he at? Somewhere in the backyard getting on one with his sack bitch who won't fucking leave because she's now pregnant and she smokes too! It's like, she's using the possibly still-born baby as a way to make money from the government. Like seriously wtf? :l

  • There is no right to breed.

    I'm always hearing somebody claim breeding is a human right. Who says so? We have a responsibility not to kill the planet. This involves regulation of population. Those who shouldn't breed are those who consume more than they produce, and those who listen to rap and those who make quilts

  • I wonder if..

    ..The breeders ever really think whether they could raise a happy person? I wonder how much guts would a truly compassionate adult human need to have to take charge of bringing a child into existence? I bet the number of guts of all miserable people on the planet, and all the guts turning to the atrocities of life.

  • Preventing birth is not killing

    I was brought up with an abusive father. He would beat me with whatever he could find. When he couldn't find work for his drugs he went to military and slept around. When I was twelve we had nothing after the divorce, me my mom my three brothers and sister. I am 24 and I have tried my best to contribute to society, I don't own a car, I don't have a job. I have no reason to exist, but you would protect my life, why? After I was hit by a car I could no longer walk, I have done nothing to make up for my father's mistakes. I use your tax money to stay alive. If I could have one wish if it meant anything in this world, I would gladly give up my freedom to repeat the same mistakes.

  • Its so smart!

    I understand why people oppose my opinion. They find it “morally” troubling. I counter that argument with this, we kill millions of people in wars and we don't have a second thought. When we dropped two atomic bombs on Japan it killed 246,000+ and yes it was morally troubling but no one tried to prevent it and in my way we are not killing people if anything we are saving people I say so because with this it will lower crime rate. Also there is a large difference between killing people and preventing their existence. This would also affect teen pregnancy in a manner as well, there would be less of it and therefore more kids furthering their education making a smarter future for America.
    Then there is the matter of sickness. If we check peoples bloodlines and don't not allow people who have a high risk of passing cancer or heart disease onto their children then there is a healthier future as well.

  • Have you seen the people out there?

    Need I say more? Rude people with a sense of entitlement who think they are above everyone , yet contribute nothing to society and only take. Having such people procreating is a drain on everyone else, which only produces a poorer and ill educated society,. This will eventually prove unsustainable.

  • It make sense!

    It's seems you need a licence for even the most mundane of things today, it's understandable to have a driving licence or pilots licence as such activities require high levels of responsibility, yet any moron can have a kid without a second thought. I've noticed that most people do seem to care if they can actually support a child and so rely on state benefits, hence burdening every single tax payer to bring the child up.

    I think it makes complete sense that the following checks should be done before people are allowed to breed:

    1. Finance check (can the couple afford the upbringing of a child)
    2. Stability of the relationship (a minimum of 5 years living togeather)
    3. CRB check (filter out potential child fillers and criminal traits)
    4. Environmental check (are the couples house of sufficient size)
    5. Education and common sense check (are the couple capable of responsibility bring a child up and do they have a good standard of education eg hygine)

    Doing so would save the country a huge amount of money, save a lot of pain from miss treatment along with reducing the future crime rate as children would be less likely to start a like of crime in a caring and supportive family unit.

  • Sad to say, but yes.

    I chose sterilization so that I could enjoy a happy life without the restrictions of parenthood. No regrets. I work with kids every day and we have lots of fun. But I see and understand that child abuse, exploitation, and neglect are epidemic, and for that reason I feel that before making more humans there must be hoops to jump through. Every child deserves love, proper care/maintenance/education, and a planned future.

  • Human sexual selection instinct is not adapted to the modern world

    I'm grossly oversimplifying this but neither men's nor women's instinctive sexual preferences include intelligence, which is one of the traits needed most direly in today's ever-changing world of technology. Natural selection doesn't work in today's human society so some other form of selection should be imposed to keep our species evolving.

  • That is something I joke about

    I think that is a insane notion, you need licenses to breed animals, you should not need one to make a son or daughter. I think that people need to be able to decide if they are ready, and financially stable enough to care for the child, or, you know, smart enough to raise it right.

  • Who would decide

    While I understand the desire for such regulations who would anyone want making the call. How long until genetic testing is done to determine who is capable of breeding with who. Humans are not dogs they can not and should not be breed for performance or health or any other reason such decisions are made.

  • That is morally wrong

    A licence to breed may sound like a good idea, but what happens when things get out of hand? Or the government decides unregistered babies have no rights and are to be exterminated, when the forced abortions, and unfit people are "exterminated" to form a race of "perfect life forms.

  • That is morally wrong

    A licence to breed may sound like a good idea, but what happens when things get out of hand? Or the government decides unregistered babies have no rights and are to be exterminated, when the forced abortions, and unfit people are "exterminated" to form a race of "perfect life forms.

  • Absolutely not

    For one, the notion of licensing breeding is a gross violation of human rights. We as people are incapable of determining whatever parameters the license would require. Furthermore, there's no way it could be fairly applied. We've already seen laws applied disproportionately by those in charge, so there's no guarantee this law could apply to those with privilege.

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Anonymous says2013-06-15T18:45:48.990
Nice try.

No, of course you can't make people learn. But you can make the information available. It's more likely to happen than telling people when they can have sex.