Should there be a limit on how many hours kids can play video games?

  • Too Much Time

    If a child spends too much time playing video games, it could damage their eyesight which could lead to future problems. Also depending the game it could have emotional effects on them and cause behavioral problems. So Yes we should limit the time we let our kids play video games.

  • Let kids enjoy their childhoods.

    Children are living the best years of their lives. They usually have no jobs and very little
    responsibility. If they want to play
    video games all day, we should let them.
    They may grow up to be professional gamers or video game designers. We shouldn’t try to limit the amount of hours they
    play. As long as they finish their homework

  • The Right of the Parents

    Kids should definitely be limited on their video game play - by their parents. Stepping in on account of parents that do not do their job is opening a can of worms you absolutely do not want. The minute parents lose the right to make parenting decisions on their own is the moment we lose independence as a people.

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