Should there be a limit to how many children you can have?

Asked by: CheyenneWilliams
  • Im basically sitting on the fence on this one...

    As a himanist, i do believe in humans having choices and responsibility, but i think that one of the biggest problems the world will soon face is overpopulation. Without a plan for colonizing space for te moment, overpopulation is quickly becoming a very important issue. And i think for the greater good and betterment of humanity, i think we need to keep our growing population in check. Not as in you can only have 1 baby but as in possibly 3, i mean who really wants more than 3, in one marriage anyway, because more means less parental care for each child and ultimately a rapidly increasing population. It sounds harsh, but until humanity has the abilit to create artificial habitats and colonize space, whic may sound really science fiction, the world is already extremely under pressure and could even mean the end of our species

  • Population should be controlled

    Yes there should be a limit to how many children u can have because world population is growing day by day at very fast rate. Its going to become a very big problem for us because it effects on every thing. And women is not a machine who is giving birth to 6 to 7 kids.

  • Physical proximity and stability guaranteed if the number of children you can have is limited.

    There must be a limit to how many children we can have. Although "population control" is a general argument supporting the motion, I just can't reiterate the need enough. Additionally, it may so happen that the older children get very little or no importance - thus inferiority complex build up in them and these children may also end up hating their younger siblings. The financial condition must be accounted for before giving birth or even planning to. Say a family has 7 children, but relatively less income and savings - what will they do?
    Limiting the number of children that a family can have will not only benefit the country but also the family itself.

  • Resouces limited now

    The world is struggling to find more and more resources for food, energy and health. We have to be conscious about it, The Earth is suffering. Day by day we have contributed to make it more limited in resources. Besides, the waste increases too even one simple thing like changing nappies is important.

  • No more than 10.

    There should be a 10 child limit. In an increasingly expensive world, childcare is becoming more difficult. It would be a shame for a child to go without cuz Mom and Dad are too selfish to use birth control. I do not support China's policiy though. Only children often have social problems.

  • Yes, there should.

    What impact does overpopulation have on the economy?
    Overpopulation has a definite effect on a country’s economy. First of all, when countries are overpopulated, the hardly have enough food to support themselves, never mind the hope of having a surplus to sell. This can contribute to a low GDP per Capita which is effect overpopulation has on the economy. In an attempt to save the people from the starvation, the government will most likely have to rely on foreign debt. This puts the country in debt at stretches the government’s already meager resources. Furthermore, when a country is overpopulated, there is a high rate of unemployment because there just aren’t enough jobs to support the population. This results in a high level of crime because the people will need to steal things in order to survive

  • There should be a law to only having one kid per couple.

    If we keep having so many kids, the earth will not be able to produce enough food or water for the increasing population . The animals will die too for not haveing any food or water because of the increasing crazy amount of babies being born everday. Babies will not know what animals are or see them in the near future because they will be gone from building and over population and no food for the animals in the near furure. We have to fix it before it becomes to late to happen.

  • Yes - there are way too many people on this planet

    Humans are massive consumers of the earth's resources. Simple maths says that the more people there are on the planet, the more resources will be consumed and pollution created. Obviously there would be exceptions for those who unexpectedly conceive multiple children at once. The trickiest bit will be enforcing a limit - state enforced abortion would be a step too far, however, what about extra children being put up for adoption? That way those out there who want children but cannot have them can avoid having to resort to surrogacy.

  • Population control is much needed and is just the beginning!

    Humans are destroying the planet. Our resources are depleting more rapidly each year, species are becoming extinct, the oceans are dying, emissions have ruined the atmosphere, pollution is at record highs! If we continue down this path, complete destruction is inevitable. Humans are destroying this planet while searching for another one to take over and destroy all over again. It's sickening!

  • Something must change!

    Overpopulation is going to be a problem. We don't have to worry right now but we can at least help our future family. There are to many teens having babies, and these teens can't support their children. Before you are 18 and not even an adult in the eyes of the law you can have a child? I think this is just so wrong. Kids, are having kids; and this is not right. They are not ready for it and it is hurting our economy and our worlds future.

  • Overpopulation is bad, yes

    But is the only solution to have a law prohibiting the amount of children you can have? Perhaps we should have commercials enlightening people about this subject. Maybe we could even teach it at the schools. I myself plan on having two children, which will lead to a neutral impact. You also have to realize some people don't marry, meaning that they will not ever have any offspring at all.

  • Education is the answer.

    No, I don’t think there should be a limit on how many kids a family can produce. How would the state enforce this limit? Suppose a mother produces triplets and exceeds the limit, should the state take the child away? Should the state imprison the mother, thus forcing the victimised children into the care of an alternative guardian? Should the state impose fines on the mother, even if they're financially stricken? We must educate people on the dangers of overpopulation, not penalise them for it.

  • If YOU can support them, raise as MANY Children as you like

    You get to choose how many Children you have, if you can afford to support a DOZEN, you should not be prohibited as long as you have the means to properly feed cloth house and CARE for these children... If EVERY Couple had 2 Children, the Population would fall and production of goods and services would eventually FAIL!

  • This is wrong

    The world is struggling because of choices people currently living on it are making. It's is the corruption of governments, lack of love, and unwillingness to help bring peace and prosperity to the planet that could end the world as we know it. If there wasn't so much greed, selfishness, and segregation in this world, there would be plenty of resources for all of us.

  • This is wrong

    The world is struggling because of choices people currently living on it are making. It's is the corruption of governments, lack of love, and unwillingness to help bring peace and prosperity to the planet that could end the world as we know it. If there wasn't so much greed, selfishness, and segregation in this world, there would be plenty of resources for all of us.

  • No, of course not

    To those who believe that putting a limit in the number of children per family because the dwindling of natural resources is threatening them the answer is : its our fault that we reach our planet at this point so don't put blame on unborn kids. With the problem of birth deficit spiraling i think that we are in need of young individuals instead of preventing their birth.

  • My thought is..

    There should not be a law telling you or forcing you how many kids you may have. Even though limiting how many kids you can have might help the population from reaching its carrying capacity but this is not really a problem now. Maybe in the future it could be used but now? I think it is a choice between you an your spouse. It is your choice. There shouldn't be children in hiding ether.

  • The land of the free

    What's so free about America if you want to put a limit on something we cant control or something that's secrete to a family . I just think that this is America not china or the giver so their for "The land of the free needs to live up to its name because so far it has not been.

  • Everyone has a right to their freedom

    Everyone in america has freedom. Everyone should be allowed to have as many children as they want without getting fined or in trouble for it. Taking someones freedom and rights away is wrong and cruel. Maybe the mother wants 3 kids? Its not the governments decision. And it shouldn't ever be

  • No, its wrong

    People came to America to be free. Free from people telling them what to believe and do. Freedom is slowly starting to decrease in this country. It is a human right to have as many children as you want. Doesn't matter if you can't afford it. Doesn't matter if your children are going to be mentally handicapped. You have the choice to have as many kids as you want. It's your decision. You also have the choice to not have any kids at all. Putting a limit on how many kids you can have would be going against some people's freedom of religion. It doesn't matter if the government could enforce it or not. It should never have to get to that point.

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munnu says2013-10-27T15:17:42.870
Yea right.. Resources r limited. Parents shud use contraceptives and focus on their present children. They shud giv them quality education to produce a generation capable of contributing for the welfare of the world. Whereas on the contrary if thr r more children nd the same income the attention and quality of education gets divided for the children and thus smart youth cant be provided to this world.
John_Marshall says2013-10-29T09:59:45.570
I believe the fundamental argument against the motion is that there is no penalty you can impose on a parent that would not unfairly affect the child. Can somebody disprove this for me?
TheConundrum says2013-10-29T10:55:50.217
As well as, the fact that it's ridiculously unethical. Even if the government managed to miraculously devise a system that can regulate this policy. How just is it? Does it breach our fundamental human rights? Does it contradict the ideology of democracy and freedom?
John_Marshall says2013-10-29T13:17:46.520
I think ethics are relative. I’ve heard it put that a contest of ethics can be mutually detrimental; which means that one’s right to irrationally reproduce can infringe upon another one’s right to resources.