• In a bad economy, it is necessary

    Workers younger than 65, are unemployed and underemployment. One reason is that all these older people fear being idle or not having more money. In a bad economy, the government should get rid of these people who earn more, and then could afford to hire perhaps a couple of newbies, while still saving money.

  • It's time for new blood.

    I really hate to say it, but yes. People should retire at a certain age. New blood, new ideas, fresh energy. People like me who have a Bachelor's Degree, and can't even get so much as a simple bookkeeping or accounting job because older accountants refuse to retire because they are scared to. Retirement should be as imminent as death and taxes. Older people, you've had your turn. Time to get off the ride, and let someone else have a go.

  • Yes, out with the old, and in with the new

    I'm sorry to say it so bluntly, but the older people need to realize their turn is over, and newer fresher blood is needed. The younger should not have to suffer for after graduating college with an entry level job for years just because the seniors won't retire. Yes, bring back the mandatory retirement age, and gold watches.

  • Yes there should be

    Younger people need more jobs this will help with poverty rates among younger members of society. Workers of older age are at a higher risk of having some sort of stress related illness which could lead to death. Elderly workers cannot adapt to new concepts and training. There for there should be a retirement age of around 65 years of age.

  • Yes there should be

    Younger people need more jobs this will help with poverty rates among younger members of society. Workers of older age are at a higher risk of having some sort of stress related illness which could lead to death. Elderly workers cannot adapt to new concepts and training. There for there should be a retirement age of around 65 years of age.

  • Give others a chance

    I'm sorry to say, I think old people should retire also. They made it in the work force, and now should leave jobs for younger people that have to make it. They can always volunteer if they are bored. If they cant afford to, maybe lifestyle changes are needed. A lot dont want to retire where I work and it is causing us to get sent home. Old people get out and give young ones a chance. Sorry if it seems harsh, but reality always is.

  • Situation dependant, but should have routine skills assessment

    I work with someone who on a daily basis is unable and unwilling to adapt to the current work flow or to new situations that arise in our daily work. They waste most of their time either making mistakes, moping around because of the change or being careless because rules were not so stringent in the past. Oftentimes, this has resulted in either potential dangers being imposed on themselves and most of the time, a danger to myself and my other coworkers. This causes increased stress for others and is oftentimes quite aggravating, especially as we work with radiactivity in healthcare. As with airline pilots, I think that in healthcare it is exceedingly important to be able to work effectively, and efficiently in a high stress and fast paced environment, but it is also important to do so with flexibility and adaptability in order to maintain the highest quality of work at all times for the duration of our career. This is not the case and will never be the case here, because this individual is too stuck in their ways and is stumped at any slight change. This is definitely not how I feel about all people who are beyond a certain age, but I think it would be fair to let someone go when their work is visibly suffering and rapidly degrading.

  • Yes, Need Mentors

    I say yes, too many folks are staying in the work force past their utility and not giving back to the next generation. Of course, one must be able to retire financially. When my mom retired, she got a raise in income with her pension and social security. Now, I also believe, if a person is not financially able to retire then they should not be forced into complete retirement. Maybe, we can offer mentoring programs where folks who have great knowledge and skills can take part time roles as mentors to provide their know how to the current and next generation of workers. This is a slippery slope, BUT I truly believe, if you are able to retire, that you should. Especially, BABY BOOMERS. If you do not retire, when does the next generation get opportunities. I am tired of seeing Granny and Grampy serving hamburgers, fries, and cokes. My kids cannot get normal kid like jobs because there are none available due to people who can retire, not retiring, and those that need jobs taking up ones that most of the time students work at. What is going on and how do we fix it?

  • Yes they should

    Too many people do know know when its time to go. They cannot adapt to new concepts and training and some have health issues. Sadly they live in a world called denial even when its obvious to all those around them. We have 2 people like this at work and as much as I like them both they are useless to us as workers.

  • YES they should

    People should give the younger generation more chances, because of the older generation's refusal to retire, the younger people could not get jobs. Old people tend to think themselves as better because they worked in that company for a long time, so conflicts are inevitable, therefore the retirement age should be mandatory. The suggested retirement age would be 60, then if the worker is very important and has good health conditions the retirement age should expaand to 65, but the contract should be resighed to make the older people work harder, for next years contract

  • No, it's unfair.

    How is it fair for someone to be forced to quite a job that they still may need to help make payments and live off of. Just because someone is in their sixties doesn't mean that they aren't mentally and physically able to get the job done, as long as they wish to work they should be able to keep their jobs.

  • Some people enjoy work and find it a desirable distraction.

    There are dozens of menial tasks that can be performed without regard to age. With this in mind, there should not be a mandatory retirement age. Some individuals just find solace in working. Those individuals should not be prevented from finding contentment in something they enjoy simply because they are of a certain age.

  • Heck NO they should not have to !

    It should always be up to the person whether or not they want to retire. Not everyone can afford the luxury of retirement at 65 and should retire when they feel ready. For the people who vote yes, how are you going to feel when or if you are forced. No one wants to be forced to do anything.

  • No, that's stupid.

    I definitely don't think there should be a mandatory retirement age because not all older people necessarily want to retire. I know an 83 year old woman that still works at an elementary school as a secretary, not because she needs the money but because she genuinely likes her job and probably doesn't want to be sitting at home feeling useless. There are some older people that are still coherent and are able to work. Sure, there are some jobs they shouldn't do when they get older but let them and their family choose.

  • Heck No, There Shouldn't Be

    There should not be a mandatory retirement age. A person should be able to work as long as they are an asset for the company they work for and do their job well. It would be wrong to tell people that they cannot work anymore. Some people could be a certain age and not have enough saved up to retire.

  • Certainly not.

    There should be no mandatory retirement age, but the age at which the average American does retire should be lower. No one should be forced out of the work force, but we also shouldn't have work until we are 65 just to make sure we have enough money to get by when we can longer hold a job.

  • No.

    There should not be a mandatory retirement age because peoples circumstances, and incomes all vary. It would be unfair to force some one to retire who simply can not afford to. They would have to rely on family members if they have them and thus become a burden to their incomes. If they do not have anyone who could support them after retirement they would most likely end up on the street. The easier solution is to let people work until they can afford to, and want to retire.

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