• Keeps us all safe.

    We only should use it in war. If we didn't have a draft we wouldn't be a free country anymore. We would have been taken over by some crazy country that doesn't like us. Let women be drafted and have them serve on combat jobs. Also the draft is fair. No matter who your parents are or how much money you make you will be drafted still. People say you won't be able to kill someone but you don't know that. You won't even think about it and just act.

  • The Draft Should Be Ended

    The military draft is an antiquated and sexist practice that infringes on freedom of choice. To require something only of men is not only sexist, it should be illegal under the same laws that protect people from sex discrimination in the workplace. Since the choice of whether or not to join the military is a personal one based on someone's beliefs, rather than expanding the draft to women, it should be ended completely, allowing each person to choose whether or not to serve.

  • Do not bring back the draft.

    I believe you should not bring back the draft for many reasons. If we needed the SSS to start sending out letters for the draft, it would be because we need people immediately, and through all the processing, it would take months for someone to be fully capable of entering into combat. Secondly, for my brothers I know for a fact they could never kill a human being, see someone being shot, or be closely ready for any sort of combat. They would be mentally MESSED up when they came back. The military isn't for everyone and we shouldn't force people into it. It should remain all voluntary.

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