• India as a world leader

    India should be run by Hindu monarchs and a strong central government chosen by the people should run the india to become our country a world leader and to save our relegion and our values and to defend Islamic exteremist.A house of Lord's likewise should select a person to be elected by the people

  • Yes it is needed

    Since a penguin rules with the Mandate of Heaven that is why India too must have a monarchy with a female empress and the line of succession be female oriented. There should be a council of ministers with a male chancellor. The empress will be allowed to have several male consorts.

  • Yes, a monarchy is a point of pride.

    Yes, there should be a monarchy in India, because the citizens of India would rally around the monarchy. The monarchy would increase pride in the country and give the country people to look up to and set an example to. Like the Commonwealth countries like their queen, this would be a positive social thing for the people of India.

  • Tthere should not be a monarchy in India.

    India has had monarchs in the past, but it is a functioning democracy right now. Monarchies are outdated and anachronistic in the twenty-first century. Rather, people should be able to elect their own leaders to represent them in the government. Democracy is the most successful method of government in the world today.

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