• Agree with national

    I'm Canadian, and I'm 15 years old. But I've moved 19 times and I've noticed schools throughout just my one p[province, have very different teaching methods. In grade 8 I was at three different schools and at each of those schools I had to read the giver, one after another. One of those schools I was in grade 7. When you're teaching people in grade 9 things some other students learned in grade 7 you know you have a problem.

  • Learning should be straight across the board

    Yes, I do believe there should be a national curriculum. I am in the military, so my children constantly move to different states. When a child moves from on state to another they should be able to fall back into class with little to no issues. Some schools have different requirements, some have more or less than others to gain a high school diploma.

  • Yes there needs to be one

    When I moved to a different state, I just repeated what I had learned two years before. There were not any advanced programs in my new area. School was boring, and the topics that I did not know were covered the year before. There needs to be a national curriculum.

  • National curriculum

    Yes, I personally believe that there needs to be a current national curriculum for all students. It needs to be the same for all states and all grades. Some kids are way behind others because of the low standards some states set for them. For example, I do know personally that my son's friend who moved to Austrailia or 2nd grade is way ahead of him here in the States.

  • Yes

    There needs to be some type of national standards. If it is left up to the states than they will use their own standards to look good. If there is a nation curriculum than the states would have no other choice than to live up to the standards that everyone else is.

  • Agreed upon general curriculum

    It doesn't need to be specific down to every last letter, but there need to be some guidelines to make sure the bases are being covered. More importantly, there needs to be protection in some states that boastfully deny and steer away from science that mandates it that they have to teach things that are agreed upon by millions upon millions of scientists. This would also help with requiring sex education, which needs to be an option for students everywhere.

  • No "One Size Fits All"

    We do not need a national curriculum because we are a large and diverse country. States, and even local school boards, need the freedom to emphasize subject matters that are important to their local economy. Could you imagine a kid in Florida who is forced to study Prairie ecosystems, or a kid in Colorado being forced to study tides and tidal pools? Each of these are important, but the ability to practice the studying in regionally useless. A one size fits all National Curriculum would force our students' progress backward in as industry world that is becoming more and more specialized.

  • Do we really want an entire generation of adults who all did the exact same thing?

    A national curriculum has just been introduced in Australia and the curriculum is politically biased. It gives far far too much power to government officials to choose what kids do and don't learn: the power to brainwash an entire country. Do we really want that to be our countries' future?

  • Simply Put: There Should Not

    There should not be a national curriculum. The way the states and schools educate their students should be based entirely on their own guidelines and procedures. Having a national curriculum would come off as very generic and it would likely produce the same results. At the end of the day, the good students will stand out regardless of the curriculum.

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