Should there be a new Constitutional Convention to reform the United States Constitution?

  • They don't follow the one we have.

    Yes, there should be a new Constitutional Convention to reform the United States constitution, because lawmakers and the judiciary do not follow the one that we have. It needs to be said that the constitution should be construed strictly, and according to the plain language of the constitution. That things like freedom of speech cannot be twisted to allow the systemic murdering of unborn babies.

  • About Time To Do So

    I believe it is about time that we addressed the many and varying problems we have come to point out in the United States Constitution. For that reason, I feel we should have a Constitutional Convention. I think this would be far more productive than simply trying to change things one at a time.

  • The constitution has proven itself over and over. It has been the safeguard of democracy.

    Our constitution is the instrument that created American democracy. The constitution is admired and copied all over the world. It's one of mankind's best achievements. It is a paradox in that it is a steady and unyielding vehicle of progress and change. I think it is a part of human nature to want to freeze a society in time, the US constitution keeps our society fresh. Rewriting the constitution would be almost as bad as rewriting the ten commandments.

  • What's wrong with you?

    The existing United States Constitution is a living document. It will reflect the times we live in. In 1865 the Constitution was amended to eradicate slavery. This action perfectly reflected that time. The Constitution we have now was spawned when the Constitution of the Confederation of States was found to create a leaderless country, each state unwilling to concede authority within its own boundaries. This was a time that demanded reformation of the Constitution.

  • No, I don't think there should be a new Consitutional Convention to reform the Consitution.

    I believe the basic principles and fundamentals of the Constitution still hold true to today's Government, I believe it would be very dangerous to allow the Government the ability to be able to modify and reform it since they would likely be stripping it of many of the protections it provides.

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