• Animals get stuck in them!

    Sometimes i see my cat around my house stuck in a plastic bag. Its kinda funny because hes running around trying to get it off and ripping and biting it but what the cat was you and you were scared of it and it was your worst night mare, would you want that to happen to you?

  • No more plastic!!!!!!

    So first of all you have your bag that you forget to pick up and it goes to the beach and then the poor sea bird as example a seagull eats the bag and it gets caught in its throat and the bird chokes and dies that is only 1 of 1,000,000 birds that you just killed because of that 1 plastic bag.

  • IT is good for you. Can be recycled

    Without plastic we can't recycle and then all our stuff will be wasted very quickly. Plastics can be great if used in the right way. If we wouldn't throw it in the ocean it wouldn't harm anyone. And if you throw a bag away because you already used it other people can. But make sure it is not dirty.

  • They kill animals

    They kill animals and they are harming lots of thing in the world and all humans need them for is to hold stuff in but when you throw it away of it it flys away from the trash can by the wind it goes into the ocean and kills animals.

  • They are a danger to our society

    Plastic bags take a long time to decompose so that means that when you throw them away, they don't go away. Like people say, you can't just throw your problems away. They will last for years after you throw them out and they could float away and start infecting us humans, animals, and even plants.

    We shouldn't even recycle them because they can still get into our systems of safety and into our plants and animals which will eventually come to us in our food.

  • Throw plastic from earth

    Plastic is a big problem in our environment and making our mother earth a dustbin . A place where for humans the environment is comparable to a dustbin. It is a substance we use in our daily life from morning to evening and which is also undestroyable without leaving a side effect. STOP MAKING AND USING PLASTIC!

  • Plastic leads to cancer

    As in our daily life we just now that plastic harms our environment alone but by using plastic we get 52 types of cancer .
    When plastic is burnt or melt it gets poisoned and leads to cancer.
    So I say plastic have to be banned completely

  • Plastic bags are one of the main reasons sea turtles die early

    Sea turtles are very important to the sea, as a human how would you like it if you would eat something poisonous that you thought was a normal food item. Turtles end up with bags around them which stunt their growth of organs and make them grow wrong, the bags can also poison them because they mistake them for foo

  • Animals including turtles eat the plastic bags that we the people throw into the water.

    Turtles die every day because of people throwing their plastic bags into the ocean which makes the turtles think that the bags are jellyfish. My favorite statement that I found," We can tell the difference but turtles can't." that statement is very true if you don't you need to respect the environment.

  • Any animal specifically turtles will think that a plastic bag is a jellyfish.

    Turtles eat jellyfish all the time so when you throw a plastic bag in the water the turtles will think that the bag is a jellyfish. Someone wrote this that is true," We can tell the difference but turtles can't." Most animals die from eating the plastic and/or plastic bags.

  • Its now or never...

    We need to stop this now! Yes i agree that we need plastic for everything, but if we reuse it, recycle it or even reduce it the world would be so much better. Every year 1 million sea birds and 100,000 marine animals are killed each year because of the plastic WE throw away. One of There are ways to reduce plastic e.g. using PAPER bags, reusing plastic bags and bottles, even selling your toys so someone else can have it instead of buying more. It takes 100 million barrels of oil to make plastic bags for just 1 year. Now think of what would happen if we reduced our plastic, reused our plastic and even recycled our plastic. Yes when we burn plastic it releases toxic gases like Carbon Monoxide but if we just kept the bags, didn't throw them away and just kept reusing them, we wouldn't be using as much oil. Plastic takes up to 1000 years to degrade. Just think about that for a moment. Every year enough plastic is thrown away that it could circle the earth 4 times! Come on guys! Think, eventually oil is going to run out if we don't do anything about it. What are you going to do then? Ill tell you. We will have to find a new material to work with, like then it will all be paper bags. There will be only animals dying for the right reasons not for plastic which WE created. Animals were on this planet thousand... Millions of years before we were. This is THEY'RE world not ours so show you care and help to reduce, reuse and recycle the plastic. Make this world a better place!

  • Plastic is not the problem, IT'S YOU!!!!!

    People plastic is part of our life. We need plastic!!Susan Freinke actually said that plastic helps our environment instead of damaging it. Its true that plastic might hurt some places like the ocean animals. But that wouldn't happen if everyone just recycled. Also its humans who are making the animals in need for food because humans are becoming them food and taking away their food. So plastic is helpful but just put it in the right place like the recycling bins. And if u guys want plastic banned why do u live in it, get medicine from it etc. I repeat this again its not the plastic IT'S YOU!!!!!!

  • No we need it

    What would happen to the United States of America and the rest of the world like China for example if we were to ban all plastic? Plastic goes way father than simple plastic bags. Plastic is all around and helps with many different things. We can reduce and switch to other methods though.

  • Whats the point

    Why should we bad plastic if we are just going to use something else that could be harmful to the environment then we will have nothing of that product then what would we use. Our world is made up of plastic T,Y is made of plastic phones XBOX all made up of plastic so think about what side you pick !!!!!!!!.

  • No, definitely not

    Just think; how much of your life is made of plastic? It takes up so much of our lives and is an invaluable resource that we have become so dependent on we could barely survive without it. How would we possibly survive without (some) chairs, clocks, remote controls, video controllers, hoses, buttons, light switches, bottles, grips for saucepans, lids, clothes (made of polyester, a plastic), soles of shoes and SO much more!!

    Lego is also made of plastic, and that alone means that plastics should never ever be banned!! XD

  • No. There shouldn't be a plastic ban

    People will simply replace plastic items with other forms, paper, for example. There is no conclusive scientific proof that paper products are less environmentally harmful than plastic. Without plastic stuff, we will be seeing paper stuff everywhere and they are equally disturbing. Therefore, there shouldn't be a plastic ban. Besides, only environmentalists would care about such thing anyway.

  • No! We shouldn't!!!!

    If we did we would have to buy and bring your own bags. How would we know how many to bring to the store? Also you can reuse then to bring your lunch to work or school, pick up your dogs poop, and SO much more! I hope you consider this

  • No! We shouldn't!!!!

    If we did we would have to buy and bring your own bags. How would we know how many to bring to the store? Also you can reuse then to bring your lunch to work or school, pick up your dogs poop, and SO much more! I hope you consider this

  • No! We shouldn't!!!!

    If we did we would have to buy and bring your own bags. How would we know how many to bring to the store? Also you can reuse then to bring your lunch to work or school, pick up your dogs poop, and SO much more! I hope you consider this

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