• Music should have an age limit

    I feel that music should have an age limit because now a days, artists talk about graphic things, their language is terrible, and they are very provocative. I don't think parents would want their baby boy growing up on artists talking about gang activity and drug situations. It's just not right

  • Kids take things way to seriously...

    There should be an age limit on music, hands down. Reasons? Have you not seen the content in some of the most popular songs these days?!?! I listen to all kinds of music (including country and symphony, but let's be honest, these genres are depressing at most points), and everything from Ass to Zab, to anything that resembles a drug are in music lyrics. I love music, don't get me wrong, but if we allow this to continue, we are probably going to see an influx of Jacob Sartorius, Matty Bs, Misha, and Wannabiebers in the next 2-3 years. This will turn into musical cancer from 0-100 real quick...

  • Let parents choose

    While I "agreed" it really comes down to parents. I don't believe in the state commanding virtue, parents should be more aware of what their kids are getting into and regulating it themselves. I mean seriously, as a parent do you really trust the State to know what's best for your kids? I want my kids to be carbon copies of me, not our politicians.

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  • There should not be an age limit.

    There should not be an age limit imposed on listening to music. If parent do not want their kids listening to a certain kind of music, then it is up to the parents to enforce that on their kids. Imposing an age limit on music is essentially hurting out freedom of speech as it limits peoples right to express themselves.

  • Music is ageless

    You never know when the rhythm is going to move you! And you also never know when you're going to make the rhythm move. You can't put an age limit on music, because inspiration just doesn't work that way. No, not even if we're talking about "dirty" lyrics that parents might find inconvenient. Music is art, after all, and art is meant to provoke.

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