Should there be an independent Palestinian state?

  • Palestinians Deserve Country Like Before

    Before Israel was created by the United Nations, Palestine was a sovereign nation. Palestinians deserve their own country again, even though Israelis don't trust them. Since both sides can't seem to share the same country, Palestine must be allowed to exist if there will ever be peace in the Middle East.

  • Freedom Isn't Free

    IF EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN STATE THEN THERE WILL BE NO WAR. No Arab country wants Palestine so this has become a problem for Israel. This conflict has been going on for too long and its time for something to happen. The only solution is the TWO STATE SOLUTION, deal with it people.

  • Yes, because Palestine deserves to be free.

    It was taken away from them when the Zionist came, basically by Europeans. Everyone was living at peace. If it were not for Israel there would be peace in the Middle East and more unity in this part of the world. In addition, Israel in the long run, will end up losing this conflict.

  • Sure - but not there...

    Sure there should be a Palestinian state. But does it need to be in the two major regions currently designated? Why not move those who don't want to live in a peaceful Israel, to a portion of one of the surrounding Arab countries and rename that section "Palestine". Allow Israel to have the land they were given.

  • For the sake of both people and their children

    If there will be no Palestinian state, there will remain violence, and many will still die or get wounded. The Palestinian-Israeli problem is the root of all violence in the Middle East. Why not establish a Palestinian state so that everyone lives in peace? Nobody likes to live in everlasting violence.

  • Nobody wants them

    One ugly secret of the Middle East is that nobody-- including other Arab states-- wants the Palestinians within their borders. If they did, they wouldn't be pushing so hard for an independent state. This way, they can make it completely Israel's problem. However, the fact remains, right now, it is all Israel's problem, so it seems like the only way to solve it is to just give them their own state.

  • Independent State-Final Option

    I believe there should be an independent Palestinian state because it is the last remaining option for the situation. By creating a separate Palestinian state, the conflict can finally be settled. In practical terms, there is no other option. In some situations there is no way different people can get along without having their own space and government.

  • The only viable option

    Arabs have been living in the region for centuries. They don't deserve to be the scapegoat of the sufferings of the jewish people. The two-state solution is the only viable option to solve the conflict and help bring peace to the Middle East.

    However, this solution must be imposed. In case it doesn't work, is needed to decide (in a non-violent way) which of the parts can have the entire territory. The loser part should be relocated to a land that doesn't generate conflict with local population and neighboring countries.

  • Trans-Jordan of Palestine or Sinai Palestinian State?

    The British Empire should have created a Palestinian State in today's Jordan or facilitate, along with the Soviets and US after the Yom Kippur War, a deal with Egypt to buy land from them, the Sinai Penninsula , to create an ind Palestine. Now the situation is getting worse! Urgent action is needed.

  • Human Rights Abuses by Israel

    -Human Rights Watch - Israeli security forces killed at least 120 and injured at least 11,953 Palestinian civilians in West Bank, Gaza, and Israel as of November 27, 2015, including bystanders, protesters, and suspected assailants.
    -Neither Israeli nor Hamas authorities have prosecuted anyone for alleged crimes committed during the 2014 Israel-Gaza war, which, according to the UN, killed 1,462 Palestinian civilians, including 551 children, and 6 civilians in Israel, including one child.

  • They should become part of one of the Arab countries that support them

    They will become a terrorist state as long as Hamas rules their lives. They will be more dangerous as an independent nation. Why not relocate them to Iran? They don't recognize Israel and cannot live peacefully with Israelis. They need to become part of another Muslim nation, but who will take them?

  • Give Israel a Break!

    So many bad things have happened to Jews, to Israel, and it is unfair to take away even more. There are always racist terrorism against Israel. If people can't accept the everlasting presence of a Jewish state, then they can go f**k themselves! Israel is here to stay! Forever! And ever!

  • They have no respect for their own people let alone their neighbors!

    Hundreds of thousands of so called Palestinian refugees are in Jordan dating back from 1948. In fact 70% of Jordan's population is either Palestinians or Palestinian immigrants. This is because the Jordan is in the so called Palestine. In the 1930's the Palestinian mandate under the British was to be given to the Jewish people as a home, many Arabs protested so it was split. Therefor Jordan should be giving up land to make a Palestinian state if one is needed so desperately. Despite occupying the West Bank for nearly 20 years Jordan never once named it Palestine or referred to it as a Palestinian state, instead when the Israelis got back the West bank the leaders used this as an opportunity to claim the land as Palestinian. If they so desperately want, need and have rights to their own country why did they not establish it when they could or in Jordan? In my opinion I think it is a subtle tactic for them to try and destroy Israel.

  • It was never State in the first place!

    Apart from my fears of it becoming a terrorist state like Gaza after independence from Israel, there is no justification for a Palestinian state since there never was one. For the past few thousand years Palestine was a sparsely populated, baron mandate ruled by numerous empires. There never has been a nationality and no moves for it to become an Arab country were until the formation of Israel. This shows that the motive for this Palestinian state is for the destruction of Israel otherwise it would have happened years ago!

  • No such thing as Palestine...

    Maybe you will call me racist, You can. But Palestine is free, the israelis do not touch their territory. Israel wants peace and make Israel a state for all but all the "palestinians" reject, 4000 years ago Israel belonged to the jews but Falestinians=water soilders from greece took it after 3600 years of alit of changes the Palestines=Arabs dessert men took it and claimed they are Falestinians
    There is no Palestine just Israel, I hope you get me

  • No - until they recognise Israel

    Until Hamas is supplanted with a reasonable government the answer must be no. Given the present situation, supporting statehood for Palestinians is comparable to declaring statehood for ISIS. Let Jordan step up and provide for its people. That this is even debated frightens me as, at present, the "push" for statehood is predicated on anti Israel sentiments around the world.

  • Palestine has never been "a state"

    If you say it has then please tell me,
    1. What were it's borders?
    2. Who were it's rulers ( before Arafat that is)?
    3. What was it's form of government?
    4. What was it's currency?
    Those who support a "Palestinian state" are not half as interested in the welfare of it's people as they are about their true agenda which is the destruction of Israel.They will fail! Israel are Gods' people. He will defend them, fight for them, and fulfill all His promises to them!
    "I will bless them that bless you and him that curses you, I will curse" GEN. 12:3 The choice is yours!

  • A State of Palestine would not be viable for several reasons

    Examples of a Palestinian state's lack of viability would be that of the fact that the territory which the Palestinian Authority currently claims (that of the 'West Bank' and 'Gaza Strip') is placed in a very tense region with the possibility of conflict igniting soon after Palestinian independence. Whilst many would say that the size of the Palestinian state is irrelevant, because other states such as 'Singapore' are relatively small in landmass yet are economic 'tigers', it just does not seem likely that a land which has been mostly uncultivated, torn by war and ultimately divided in areas such as political opinion could somehow become such a 'tiger'. This lack of unity of Palestinians is evident in the internal political situation within the Palestinian authority; the political divide between Hamas and Fatah. One of the most contributing factors as to why the State of Israel was able to (firstly) exist and (secondly) survive as a state was because of the strong sense of unity and optimism that was held within the Zionist movement. Such a sense of unity and modernism within the Movement was clearly evident in the Kibbutzim. The Kibbutz movement was a huge factor in building the Israeli identity; a secular and rather 'socialist' identity. However, such a sense of unity and optimism just does not seem evident within the Palestinian psyche. The building of any 'viable' nation state requires a large unified effort on the people of said state's part; this is another reason why Israel survived.
    The risk of Hamas is also another reason why a Palestinian state could not exist alongside the State of Israel. Hamas is a Militant, Anti-Zionist and Fundamentalist political organization. It currently holds the most seats within the Palestinian Legislative Council. Hamas seeks rule over all of 'Palestine'; referring to the former 'Mandatory' Palestine and seems as if it would disregard the rights of other ethnic/religious groups within the region, e.g. Jews & Druze.
    Another reason why a Palestinian state would not be viable is because it is highly possible that a 'civil' conflict would commence within in the new state; this would (likely) be between Fatah and Hamas. We have seen this before, during the Arab Spring. Both the state's of Libya & Egypt overthrew their former 'dictators'. Yet soon after these revolutions, both state's have once again descended into revolution and civil strife.
    Other significant reasons why a Palestinian state should not be recognized include reasons such as:
    -The Palestinian authority, unlike their Israeli counterparts, do not have laws that (fully) guarantee the rights of particular citizens of a Palestinian state, e.g. the LGBT community. Contrastingly Israel is seen as one of, if not the most progressive nations in the face of rights for the LGBT community.
    -Since its creation, Israel has allowed Palestinian and other Arab people who live within the State to be recognized as Israeli citizens. This grants them the same rights as other people in Israel, e.g. in voting, healthcare and living standards.

  • There is already a Palestinian state = Jordan.

    70% of jordanians are Palestinians. Jordan used to be called Trans-Jordan Palestine before it changed it's name to the Kingdom of Jordan in the 50's.
    Further, Jordan is 10 times the size of Israel and has far less people, only 6 million, where in tiny israel live 8 million. Even the King, Abdolla, king of Jordan is married to a Palestinian woman!

    Historically -the west bank was Jordanian territory before the 1967 six day war and the Palestinians living there received Jordanian passports. This simple fact seems forgotten and it's a shame because no other arab country has ever agreed to accept palestinians accept Jordan. The west bank was never an independent palestine because it was a part of the bigger palestine = Jordan.
    It makes no sense to chop Israel into 3 (gaza, west bank, rest of Israel) and make 2 more Palestinian states inside Israel that can not even be geographically connected (there is no physical geographical connection between gaza and the west bank) or have any independent economy. They must unite with the rest of their Palestinian people in their native country Jordan.

    Otherwise we have 3 Palestinian states? Jordan, Gaza, West bank? How does that make sense???

    BYU, 90% of Gazans are immigrants from Egypt, Syra, Suadi Arabia, Lybia and other arab countries meaning they are not Palestinians. Heck, even Yasser Arafat was born in Egypt. What a joke!
    The Gaza strip was a part of Egypt before the 1967 war!

    To conclude. Jordan is Palestine and everybody knows this and is afraid to upset militant islam. But that is the truth and the truth always wins in the end.

    Posted by: kzee
  • Too many problems and flaws

    This isn't going to happen because the US has very close tides to Israel and Isreal definately doesn't want Palestine to be a ind state . We gave Israel 3.6 nillion in foreign aid . If Palestine because an ind state the Palestine will own that land that is did right after the Jordan war and that means a pretty huge amount of Judaism manufacts like the Judaism wall and since Palestine will not be a democratic state meaning it will be a state exclusively for Muslims meaning no Christians , no atheist , and definately no Jews. So Palestine won't allow Jews to even enter Palestine territories which means Jews can ever pray to the Judaism wall. Unfair, right ? The UN is supposed to support peace nations and Palestine AS ALONG WITH ISRAEL (for all of you thinking I'm biased) do well fit the characteristics of a terrorist nation . The Palestine leader even quoted himself that he doesn't want any peace treaties with Israel . Palestine also doesn't even fit the requirements and criteria of a ind state the population is way too inconsistent , Palestinians and Israelis keep killing each other. And also the border of Palestine right now is shifting way too much . So point blank period giving Palestine the power of an ind state will only give them more power over Israel than they already have and that's a major problem .

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