• Co-ed Sports Would Be a Good Thing

    Yes, there should be co-ed sports. So long as people of both genders can perform at the same and expected levels, there is no reason to separate sports by gender. Competitions may be made more interesting if both genders were allowed to participate, as well. Thus, there should be co-ed sports.

  • Yes for some sports.

    If both the woman and man want to participate in a coed sport and understand the rules and regulations that would come with it than it should be allowed. I do not think we should have something crazy like men tackling women in football, but soccer and baseball where there is not a lot of contact would be fine.

  • Girls can play on guys teams too!

    Most of the people saying no are boys and most of the people saying yes are girls and I am a girl but we can be tough and strong and if girls are playing on the football team they would already know the risks.
    Women on pro teams get payed a lot less and don't get quality funding like the guys do.
    Some girls don't have a lot of competition against other girls.
    And when we are younger it is easier for the parent(s) when driving the kids to their sports practice area.

  • End the double standards. No more Victorian age sex biases.

    Yes, there should be absolutely no difference in the standards applied because of gender. Sports is about performance and skill, period. In this era of equality, to have separation of the sexes is...Ridiculous. Each gender has different qualities and attributes which can offset and compensate any short comings. As time goes on, this weird separation will seem more and bazaar.

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  • Many of the athletes CAN perform side-by-side

    And though "testosterone" can make quantifiable differences in performance, researchers are discovering that it may have less of an effect on athletic performance than we've been giving it credit for. It certainly helps muscle building, but most sports don't require a quick gain of muscle mass, and of course muscle can be gained without relying on testosterone.

  • No because women aren't men.

    Women want equality, but having the two genders on the same court or field will either cause greater injuries to the women, or will rob the game of its physicality and toughness. Women are tough, but aren't physically able to keep up with men in competitive sports. Stay with women sports.

  • No, but it depends on the sport.

    No for contact sports, but others I think are fine (especially when it comes to sports in schools). Coed contact sports would run the risk of becoming an inappropriate sexual outlet for teens. I see no problem at all with coed golf or bowling (obviously) but for something like football is just a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen.

  • No competitive co ed sports

    I do not think there should be competitive co ed sports. Men and woman on the field play at two different levels and to put them together can be very dangerous. Keeping them separate keeps the playing field even between teams and the games more competitive. If they want to play co ed it should be done in a less competitive format.

  • There Should not be Coed Sports in Professional Sports

    It is allowed in the collegiate campuses for coed sports that range from football, soccer and baseball; coed sports on a professional level should not be allowed. There's a fine line between equality for sports for both males and females and justice for sports for both genders. It's important to split up the sports by gender such that the competition and the playing field are level between each gender. There are sports where males are not skilled enough as the females are, and therefore if a male were to compete in a professional sport that is dominated by women the male would be left out of the competition. In addition, splitting up the sport by gender can raise revenue and raise popularity, because you will end up having two versions of the same sport and that means more games, more events and more winners for the franchises.

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  • Men are naturally stronger!


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  • Men are just bigger

    Women should not be allowed on the same sports team as men because men are bigger than women, and size matters in sports. In football, the amount of force behind the hit or tackle, in baseball the amount of hit power behind the bat, and in basketball the amount of weight behind the bowing your doing to get the basket ball after an airball or a missed free throw.

  • Men have competative advantage.

    I know you get to pick yes or no, but more difficult question than all that. Do I think there should be some competitive sports? Yes.

    Do I believe wet should exclusively have competitive sports? Won't work.

    I see the arguement often about the girl wanting to play football in school or join wrestling. The problem is that every known expert has agreed on 10% being the most widely accepted physical advantage offered due to testosterone. So what if the arguement is opened up to allow boys to join softball or volleyball?

    Then most (albeit some sports are more technical and strength isn't as big a factor) sports in school would be primarily male dominated with the 10-15% of girls who make the team being usually second or third string.

    Women have more edurance (scientifically proven), however even football is a series of short spurts of energy. Men having greater muscle mass and increased muscle speed gives them the advantage. Removing football, mma, boxing or several other high contact sports, I would still argue that men would have the advantage.

    With the only recent example being Billie Jean King beating a male competitor head to head in tennis, which I would argue is a more technical sport, I feel that we would be effectively removing women from competitive sports if things were moved completely to coed.

    If we want to allow a girl or woman to participate in a male dominated sport then fine, let them play and compete. But let's not pretend, that with the exception of the freak muscular female who had been born extremely exceptional ability who can "keep up" with her male counterparts, that men and women should be fully integrated into coed sports.

    Maybe next time we should allow the all state power forward in high school be allowed to play on the girls team the next year. There would be total league domination (thinking Wilt Chamberlain in an all white league where he is 6 inches taller than his competitors). That scenario wouldn't lay a full season, let alone more than a few games. Heck let's even just pick some average athletic boy and with some talent wants to play on all girl's volleyball team.

    It would be all fun and games till next year there are more boys on the court because they can spike (hard).

    I believe we choose which coed sports there should be with limits on number of make/female athletes per team. I know adult softball teams limit number of home runs due to coed, but this type of coed fosters more understanding of cooperation in the real world between the sexes. If you don't think that opening all sports to coed would effectively remove girls/women from sports then you would be wrong. The fastest female sprinter in the Olympics wasn't as fast as the 500th man. A complex computer simulation of 1000 games between the best women's and men's college basketball team showed men winning 100% of the time.

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