• We can create a Superior race

    Some people aren't capable of having babies because they will have a disease and die when they are born or when they are extremely young. Ways used to change the hereditary makeup of the egg allow these people to have babies. If you want your child to live long wouldn't you want this? Some designer babies can be used as a sort of spare part baby. Children with serious blood diseases can then have a tailor made brother or sister act as a donor for blood or bone marrow.

  • For the future

    I think that humans have evolved up to this point. With our minds we have created and mastered many great feats including basic space flight. Now we are reaching a point where we can take control of our own evolution. So why shouldn't we?

    Evolution as we know it preformed in nature basically runs on a system of trial and error that takes a very long time. Why not speed it up and cut out the mistakes and manage it accordingly.

    If you do think that is strange consider all of the upgrades we have given the human body. GPS maps so you dont get lost and know where you are. Your mobile phone so you can contact and talk to anyone. Even your calendar on your smart phone that reminds you it's Mom's Birthday is an upgrade of sorts. Mother nature didn't give you that. Science gave it to you as an improvement.

    So if it could be done safely, without causing evil mutants with dreams of world domination, why should we not upgrade genetically? Its science. We are machines. We should seize control of our own destinies.

  • Don't be fooled by the pejorative term.

    Opponents of this procedure are under the impression that this would be done out of vanity. Any parent wants the best for their children. If you are in the position to spare a new life from inheriting you're own defects, it would be immoral to simply spin the genetic lottery and hope for the best. Natural conception does not care about the well-being of the child that might be born, parents do.

  • Designer Babies - Not Really

    Designer Babies is just a slang word for genetic engineering... Most of the babies' genes are genetically altered because they will die without the altering. The altering is meant to kill certain heritable diseases. The only real risk s mitochondrial disease at this point and how they're solving this is by creating a mitochondria transplant.. This may even be into a vaccine very soon.

  • We can make the master race

    Imagine if the genes of the next generation could be chosen. We would have many more intelligent, rational, and logical children. This may help stop conflict caused by people with inferior genes. I believe if this were to happen, there would be different ideal genes for different people. Peasants and the working class should be more apt to be hard working followers. The higher class such as government officials and businessman would have genes that make them better leaders. This would advance our progress as humans. There would still be some problems such as those with bad parents may not turn out perfectly, but better genetics would always be a good thing.

    Posted by: Nawl
  • I think it should be allowed.

    I suffer from a genetic condition that I don't want to pass on to my children. I would feel terrible knowing that it was my fault that my child was in constant pain or unable to walk and if there was a way I could prevent these things from happening I would do it.

  • To A Point

    I can justify saying "I want a girl, and I want her to have my husband's eyes", etc.. I just think there would need to be some pretty serious
    1. You cannot have more than two more of a gender (i.E., if you have two girls, you then have to have a boy)
    2. There would need to be regulations so that the percentages of physical characteristics would not be able to be changed
    3. The personality or intelligence of a person that is innate cannot be changed
    4. Natural body type cannot be rewired
    5. The only natural thing other than general appearance and gender that can be wired is genes for deadly conditions (i.E., cut out a child's risk factors for cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's, etc..)

    Of course, if this was legal, people would push harder. They would slip a tech $1, 000 to twerk the intelligence genes so they would have a kid with an IQ of 150 rather than 95. Some horribly vain person would bribe the doctor to make her daughter naturally have a 34-24-34 body, and be 5'9.

    I can see it being good in some cases, but in others... Meh.

  • This is the key to the future

    The are practical but impractical reasons for a "designer baby". The Gmb's (genetically modified baby's) could further enhance science, economics, and many other subjects. If the government allows this research we might be able to create humans that can access 100% of their brain instead of a horrific 15%. This modification could enhance gmo advancement and any subject because of increase of efficiency and brain power. We could modify humans to Be able to breath on other planets like mars or even breath in space. There are pros and cons to this argue net but the pros outweigh the cons.

  • This isn't harmful

    I think that designer babies aren't harmful at all. First of all, you can prevent diseases that has been passed through the family. You can make your child smarter, hard-working, etc. so that it may have a better future and make their own happy family without worrying about diseases that are hereditary.

  • Whether you agree or not, designer babies are inevitable

    Lets assume for argument sake that technology progresses to the point where designer babies are possible and this technology is proved to be safe. The consequences are as follows:

    1) There will be prospective parents who want to give their children an edge in life who will use this technology (whether this is legal or not).
    2) These designer babies will grow up being (on average) smarter, healthier and stronger than normal babies.
    3) This will spark an 'arms' race between parents who want to see their children have a chance to compete in the real world. The result is that more and more parents will make use of this technology
    3) Prospective parents will have to weigh the ethics of designer babies against the prospect of having "handicapped" children (if they don't use this technology). Which do you think will win?

  • Common sense not to be found.

    The myriad ludicrous positions put forth by the "yes" group who have no idea what "evolution" means yet use "it" as a basis for "taking control of our own evolution and future". Evolution happens for a REASON. Imagine if we had created a way to kill all COCKROACHES via pesticide 50 years ago. That would have been 30 years BEFORE we learned that cockroaches are an invaluable link in the nitrogen cycle, we might all be dead....

  • It isn't natural

    It isn't natural to mess with nature and what if the parent doesn't like how the child came out and end up neglecting the child and discarding it just because it isn't "perfect"? There are reasons as to why nobody's perfect and this program is going to mess with that.

  • Apparently we are Second Life avatars, now.

    Even if designer babies did not go against human morality, allowing designer babies would lead to a sort-of extinction of all diversity on earth. One reason we are thrilled about going to other countries to receive further education is partially because we are excited at the prospect of meeting new people there - imagine if everyone looked like their culture's deemed ideal of beauty! I imagine that the designer babies would have massive issues with their existence and identity, as well. They would all be like Second Life avatars, appearance having been tweaked accordingly to their parents' wishes. How terrible!

  • No, Genetic Modifications of Humans is Wrong.

    If you are so superficial to need your baby to look or behave a certain way, you don't deserve a child. Babies are not designer clothes or jewelry that eventually go out of style. You are bringing a living, breathing human being into the world and need to care for that child no matter how it comes out or develops.

  • Babies are not bags

    Babies aren't bags, they should be specially designed, they are not for show. If you're a possible parent and you want a designer baby you should not be a parent. If you aren't willing to just take the baby as is and instead have to make sure it is perfect to your standards before it is even conceived you have more growing up to do before you are ready to become a parent. We try to teach kids that you have to accept yourself the way your are and you were born that way for a reason. That reason should not be because your parents designed you that way! I would be embarrassed to be a designer baby or even to consider the fact of them being a possibility.

  • No, Do Not Mess With Genetics

    Human genetic engineering is a relatively new and untested science. It walks a very fine line to cloning, and it just shouldn't be done. Scientists are working on new ethical standards when it comes to this issue, but those standards need to evolve at the same pace as scientific discovery.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Its against nature

    I agree with the others who have said no designer babies aren't natural and shouldn't happen. If aren't happy with what you are going to get than you shouldn't have a baby simple as that. Nature is nature like it or not we shouldn't be meddling with nature we should just be happy with what we get

  • Nobody's is Perfect.

    Not only can it be dangerous and messing with the human gene pool but who wants a perfect child anyway? Human diversity should be cherished and not altered in a lab. It will degrade human worth and make naturally made people feel lesser and make life harder for them. It would create a dystopia of perfection

  • We can create new super-human disease and disorder

    Have any of you done any actual research on this subject? There has not been enough research done. Considering the "success" of animal gene therapy and enhancement, we are certainly not ready for this. For example: Yes, it is now possible to select and deselect traits inherent to disease and disability, BUT by turning certain genes off, we may be inadvertently turning other genes on. So, your perfect baby is quite the healthy athlete, but he may have an aggressive personality. Also consider how many perfectly healthy embryos weren't even given a chance because they did not have the athletic description.

  • Let's not play God

    God is there for a reason and he is the only one who can decide who looks like what and who has a right to life. Technology is new and unsafe and it degrades the community seen as more unworthy. Many people will feel demoralised and that they do not have a right to be the way they are. Acceptance is key in anything.

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