• We can create a Superior race

    Some people aren't capable of having babies because they will have a disease and die when they are born or when they are extremely young. Ways used to change the hereditary makeup of the egg allow these people to have babies. If you want your child to live long wouldn't you want this? Some designer babies can be used as a sort of spare part baby. Children with serious blood diseases can then have a tailor made brother or sister act as a donor for blood or bone marrow.

  • For the future

    I think that humans have evolved up to this point. With our minds we have created and mastered many great feats including basic space flight. Now we are reaching a point where we can take control of our own evolution. So why shouldn't we?

    Evolution as we know it preformed in nature basically runs on a system of trial and error that takes a very long time. Why not speed it up and cut out the mistakes and manage it accordingly.

    If you do think that is strange consider all of the upgrades we have given the human body. GPS maps so you dont get lost and know where you are. Your mobile phone so you can contact and talk to anyone. Even your calendar on your smart phone that reminds you it's Mom's Birthday is an upgrade of sorts. Mother nature didn't give you that. Science gave it to you as an improvement.

    So if it could be done safely, without causing evil mutants with dreams of world domination, why should we not upgrade genetically? Its science. We are machines. We should seize control of our own destinies.

  • Don't be fooled by the pejorative term.

    Opponents of this procedure are under the impression that this would be done out of vanity. Any parent wants the best for their children. If you are in the position to spare a new life from inheriting you're own defects, it would be immoral to simply spin the genetic lottery and hope for the best. Natural conception does not care about the well-being of the child that might be born, parents do.

  • Designer Babies - Not Really

    Designer Babies is just a slang word for genetic engineering... Most of the babies' genes are genetically altered because they will die without the altering. The altering is meant to kill certain heritable diseases. The only real risk s mitochondrial disease at this point and how they're solving this is by creating a mitochondria transplant.. This may even be into a vaccine very soon.

  • There should be genetic babies

    We could have healthy babies free from any diseases and also parents have the right to choose what their child should and should not have . It will be a better place if we have healthier babies and stronger babies. That will be a great genetic evolution . Healthy babies healthy world.

  • Let the transhumanist epoch begin

    We stand the chance of advancing humanity, of discovering new potentials and greatness. Of course we should do this. To those afraid of losing genetic diversity, you are just noticing the dull, boorish conformity of our era. But people use technologies however they want. One parent wants the standard number of fingers, another thinks 12 is prettier (And as extra digits don't cause any objective harm to physical function should be allowed). This could lead to cultural trends leading to a humanity looking altogether different from now, having traits that are even impossible without engineering and having wide diversity. Adult gene therapy will follow soon and then anyone who wants will be able to go to the genetics consultant to get wings, flippers, gills, or what ever you want installed. That's the ultimate in freedom to be able to determine one's body and the future of one's body.

  • Wouldn't you like to chose what you desired.

    Wouldn't it be amazing if you could chose what you wanted for you babies? Can you not have babies? Designer Babies are a way for people to choose what they want. What is so difficult to understand about it? It gives parents the option of modifying their unborn children, in order to spare offspring from disease or, conceivably, make them tall, well-muscled, intelligent or otherwise blessed with desirable traits.

  • Embrace the Faustian desire to welcome the coming of the Overman

    Mankind has become stagnant in it's decadent modernity. IQ studies conducted since the 70's show a genotypic decline in IQ to the tune of 1-2 points per generation. (see: http://www.Iapsych.Com/iqmr/fe/LinkedDocuments/lynn2008.Pdf) However, the increasing power and accessibility of genetic technology may one day give mankind the option of modifying unborn children, in order to spare offspring from disease or, conceivably, make them tall, well muscled, intelligent or otherwise blessed with desirable traits. This change will mean an eventual speciation event which will begin the next stage in human evolution.

  • Design saves lives

    You are not altering the DNA itself in most cases, you are merely selecting that which will not have a detrimental affect upon your child's health. The argument that these children will be superior than others is ludicrous. There are already people in the world who are superior in certain aspects. It is the reason that some people are models and others have the capabilities to be neuro-scientists. Also, selecting a child for its superior intelligence could only benefit society, who doesn't want the cure for cancer and HIV/Aids or an end to the trouble in the Middle-East?

  • We can prevent genetic disorders

    Genetic screening can reduce the baby's chances of being born with several serious diseases like Down syndrome, spinal muscular atrophy, cystic fibrosis, familial hypercholesterolemia, rare blood disorders such as Diamond-Black fan anemia, etc. Families with inherited medical conditions like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, etc. Or diseases like Parkinson's disease, thalassemia, cancer, arthritis, hypothyroidism, Alzheimer's disease, etc. May want to go in for designer babies to prevent the next generation from inheriting genes with these diseases. Disease-bearing genes can be screened for and only those without the disease can be implanted into the uterus. Thus, ensuring a healthy next generation. With the help of this new technology, parents can be assured their children won't have to struggle with the same illness they or their family members are going through.

  • It isn't natural

    It isn't natural to mess with nature and what if the parent doesn't like how the child came out and end up neglecting the child and discarding it just because it isn't "perfect"? There are reasons as to why nobody's perfect and this program is going to mess with that.

  • Apparently we are Second Life avatars, now.

    Even if designer babies did not go against human morality, allowing designer babies would lead to a sort-of extinction of all diversity on earth. One reason we are thrilled about going to other countries to receive further education is partially because we are excited at the prospect of meeting new people there - imagine if everyone looked like their culture's deemed ideal of beauty! I imagine that the designer babies would have massive issues with their existence and identity, as well. They would all be like Second Life avatars, appearance having been tweaked accordingly to their parents' wishes. How terrible!

  • No, Genetic Modifications of Humans is Wrong.

    If you are so superficial to need your baby to look or behave a certain way, you don't deserve a child. Babies are not designer clothes or jewelry that eventually go out of style. You are bringing a living, breathing human being into the world and need to care for that child no matter how it comes out or develops.

  • Babies are not bags

    Babies aren't bags, they should be specially designed, they are not for show. If you're a possible parent and you want a designer baby you should not be a parent. If you aren't willing to just take the baby as is and instead have to make sure it is perfect to your standards before it is even conceived you have more growing up to do before you are ready to become a parent. We try to teach kids that you have to accept yourself the way your are and you were born that way for a reason. That reason should not be because your parents designed you that way! I would be embarrassed to be a designer baby or even to consider the fact of them being a possibility.

  • No, Do Not Mess With Genetics

    Human genetic engineering is a relatively new and untested science. It walks a very fine line to cloning, and it just shouldn't be done. Scientists are working on new ethical standards when it comes to this issue, but those standards need to evolve at the same pace as scientific discovery.

    Posted by: rpr
  • I hate it

    Because the word "perfect" in designing a baby doesn't matter a baby is a baby and its messing with god's creation.I hate it i hate it i hate it i hate i hate it i hate it because i want a child to be the way it is not different.

  • People Like Exactly Like Each Other?

    I believe that there should not be Designer Babies because they would "replace" the peoples population. Say if we have a ratio of 2 designer babies to every 5 people, over time the designer babbies would start to show up everywhere. And they would be mortally perfect, other kids/adults would start to feel less about themselves and start to give up on becoming who they want to be.

    If you where to "create" a designer baby there would be no surprise no fun, you would know exactly what you where having. You could chose all the babies traits, it could look very different than you or exactly like you. Sure that sounds fun and all but wheres the happiness in looking at your child and seeing a part of you in them, their personality, their smile, their eyes, their nose?

  • Many Things of China

    Jobs? Unfair sport playing? Nothing would ever be the same. Nothing would be special or amazing. People would get bored. Everyone would be treated different even parents treating their kids. Nothing would be a gift. Everything would be fake and wouldn't you want your children to look the people you love?

  • Not at all!!!!!!!

    Messing with the way a child is born is not right at all!! If you can't take your child as is then you don't have the love and compassion it takes to be a parent in the first place!
    I think it would be good to use screening to make sure a child isn't born with diseases (good parents don't want to see their children have a hard life of sickness or die of a born-to disease) but not to make your child movie-star perfect at birth.

  • What is the world doing

    I know they can save lives but you shouldnt be able to design your baby like how clever it is or what colour hair it is its nt a bag you cant just choice which whan you whant. People should be gratefull when they have a child even if it is disabled or diformed they should love them all the same.

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