• Dress code is very much needed in colleges & institution

    In my openion, if there is a dress code in colleges then people can identify the student that which college they are belong form.
    But without dress code people can't judge them.Having a dress code is very much important for any institution & colleges because it shows there personality,smartness etc.
    And how long we are wearing casual dress, at some moment of our life we have to wear a formal uniform

  • I suppose and oppose of having dress code

    Having dress code is very important. So that we can identify where they are from. And no one tease them.. And dared not to rang them.. Now if we observe some colleges with not having dress code the are afraid of many problems.. In all the situations dress code is not important. In some of the situations we need to wear it..If we consider kaki dress we can say them they police office.. White coat doctors..By having that code we can say them.. If they are civil we cant say weather the person is doctor or police.........So important to dress code in some situation.

  • I believe they should have a dress code.

    I do believe college/universities should have a dress code. I'm not saying for all to dress like clones, but in business casual, business attire. Let's face it, in college you're considered an adult. It's time to pack up the booty shorts, and extremely low cut tops, sagging pants, shirts with explicit writing, etc. Act like you would at a professional place of employment, not a late night party. You certainty wouldn't go to a professional career dressed like that, would you, it wouldn't be allowed.
    It is also a distraction in the classroom. No one wants to see your dimply ass cheeks or skid marked boxers while trying to learn.
    I agree everyone should be an individual, and what you wear should never, ever condone rape, but it's more for respect, and learning to be an adult with morals.

  • No pjs please!

    Pajamas are for sleeping. Have a little respect- don't just roll out of bed and head to class. Take a little time, get dressed, brush your teeth and hair. Show your professors and your fellow students some respect. It's distracting and rude when to walk into a classroom in pajamas with a blanket wrapped around your shoulders. Why come to class looking like that, especially when you get up and walk out halfway through lecture. With that attitude and outlook, keep your ass at home!, because even if you do manage to complete college, at some point you are going to have to shower and get dressed.... Unless you plan on working from home. Stop embarrassing yourself, and disrespecting others- put some pants on!

  • Dress is a language

    How you appear tells people your orientation toward an event. Someone going onto a beach with sweat shirts and sweat pants indicates their negation of the activity, while someone wearing Bermuda shorts and a t-shirt at a stock holder meeting communicates defiance of what people gathered in the event consider important. Leaders in a given event overconform to a certain dress regulation--the most "into fitness" person at the gym has the most precision in dressing sporty. Military officers of higher rank have uniforms that bring even more attention to order and command than cadets.

    What is the mood of the classroom? Of education? To symbolize seriousness, devotion, and attentiveness in our clothes--rather than a fashion runway--is more fitting to the event than skimpy clothes intending to make statements of other priorities: my attractiveness, my sports, my nonchalant attitude toward life, etc. School uniforms are known across the globe, and in these countries, the level of seriousness in which education is approached is high.

    If education is really so important to Westerners, we should show it in our non-verbal communication, not our unthinking slavery to fashion trends.

  • Dress Code for post-secondary? Definitely for Graduate & Post Graduate students

    As another shared in a previous post, when you enter the work force you will be expected to dress either business casual or business-either way BUSINESS Professional. Even if you work in an artistic profession that more often than not expects a degree of professionalism in your behavior & attire. I believe a dress code demonstrates respect to your college, fellow students and faculty. Sadly, you are judged (right or wrong) on how you dress.

  • Uniform-pride of an institution

    Whenever we are at school,we should look like one. We can not refrain that dress code supports equality and identity. Wearing uniform is not silly but denotes the soldier of an army,the pilot of an airforce,the merchant of navy,the docter of a hospital and likewise a student of a school.

  • Show your personality

    I have been in private school my entire life and was forced to wear a uniform. Now that I have the freedom of being able to choose, i want nothing more than to go back to wearing a uniform. Uniforms eliminate distractions and time spent of getting ready. In college time can be very precious and having a uniform would leave more time for homework, studying, and sleeping.

  • Absolutely! Teaches good elegances'.

    I think that it would be essential if colleges issued a dress code for students. When your in educational environment , you should dress like you want to be there. It would be very distracting if your wearing baggy , provocative clothes or sparkling jewelry in a classroom or library. A basic dress code would teach young adults about what is and what isn't acceptable to wear when your in a professional setting. Also like a poster previous said , your going to have a dress code in what ever field you get into, after your graduate, rather its a teacher, doctor , lawyer, or lab worker. If every one on campus dress similar I think there would be less judgment and speculation about person based on what they were.

  • It doesn't segregate people and a uniformity is essential

    There may be rich and poor in the school. If they are allowed to where what they like it will show off the rich separate and an inferiority complex can sprout in the poor people.
    When you go on some industrial visit or sight seeing it is easy to identify the students with out problem.

  • No to dress codes

    When your in school you go there to get your education, not to impress people. Many teachers don't care how you dress, or even if you don't show up all they do is teach and get paid. Also you should be able to express the way you are. Yes I do understand that there should be a dress code but to a certain extent like not showing any cleavage or private areas.

  • No dress code

    Because some people need freedom to dress like they want .Because people get to hot in pants some people don't have pants to wear so they wear shorts and they are useully short and this is why we should not have dress code in colleges.They should not get in trouble for wearing shorts that short.

  • No dress code

    Because some people need freedom to dress like they want .Because people get to hot in pants some people don't have pants to wear so they wear shorts and they are useully short and this is why we should not have dress code in colleges.They should not get in trouble for wearing shorts that short.

  • Not Required Dress code

    Not Required as it does not have any importance so i think it is not necessary to have a dress code in colleges i m done i just wanted to say no dress code is required in colleges an evry1 should agree to this i m sure byee its right

  • Uniforms are cheaper

    Uniforms are cheaper because anyone can afford it, peoples belongs to middle class or low class family can not afford casual dresses because we can not wore the same dress through the year whereas on the other side we bought only two set of uniforms and wore it through the year.

  • Freedom of Expression NOT Opression

    To be completely honest, dress codes are absolutely stupid, and they ignore the basic rights of us as United States citizens. I'm not one for politics or anything, but freedom of expression, in my opinion, is what allows us to be different, unique, and creative individuals. Studies have shown as much. People show creativity in many different ways, and style of dress is one of them. Oppressing that is like telling someone to stop being unique and fall in line, WHICH IS NEVER OKAY! Some people say, it causes "fashion inequality" or some crap like that, but no it doesn't. You're just jealous that you don't have the money to wear what the next person does, OH WELL. Hun, THAT'S A PERSONAL PROBLEM. Come up with your own style at a cost in which you can afford. Stop caring about what other people think, and just do you, and you won't have that problem. Challenge my statement, and I'll just refute your argument. Simple as that.

  • I love u

    No, not for most things. College is the place where young people test their wings and learn what is acceptable and what is not. So most ways of dressing, no matter how casual, should be allowed. Perhaps an exception can be made for tee shirts with hate or racist messages and maybe skirts that are so short they make teachers uncomfortable.

  • No, with a caveat.

    In public Universities I would say no. In private ones however, I do think it is up to the college to decide that. Students should learn for themselves what they should wear. It could be the last time to express themselves before they are required to wear something for work.

  • My dress my choice

    Once one is through with high school it marks a new beginning where one is to make decisions fro the self.At this stage the young adult should be free to learn on how to make their own choices.Curbing freedom of choice on what to where simply refutes the urgency with which the young adult is to realize that he or she is responsible for their own choices.

  • Your in college.!!

    In college you shouldn't need to be told how to dress, you where raised with rules and guidelines on what to do and how. You are your own person, you should be able to dress how you want. Why buy the clothes if you can't wear them? Nothing's wrong with showing a little skin, long as you're not naked. Why bother even paying for school, if you can't learn how you do. I attend NCP in hayward and got sent home, because my pants have a little rip in one knee. I'm not distracting anybody and I'm still able to function properly.!!

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