• Kids need homework!

    I think that kids should get homework on halloween because it is important tto keep up in school and at home. Even if it is a holiday. Youcan still go trick or treating when you are done with your homework. Imagine it as a long break. It is important to keep your grades at an A+ so I say you should have homework on halloween.

  • Yes, give homework.

    By this time, I have been attending a nice high school for three and a half years, and I've received homework over the weekend, over summer break, and, of course, on Halloween, which doesn't matter for me at all. I propose allowing homework on that holiday for older students. Perhaps for younger students as well, in moderation.

    Posted by: bb94
  • Halloween is bad

    Well most kids don't even like Halloween because it is un healthy and bad and boring. Kids should do more homework as it gives them stuff to do and helps you learn so you get into a top college And also this is coming from a year 7 who does lots of sports and is bored and my friend that goes to another school gets heaps of homework and I'm so jealous!!!

  • We have enough already.

    Yes, some may argue that homework gets you into top colleges and stuff, but come on! Some people think only little kids dress up and celebrate Halloween, but I am a 6th grader who chose to wear a costume this year (many of my friends did too). We had homework, and it's not fair because we are kids. We deserve to have fun and go trick-or-treating. Everyone's so excited to wear their costumes and collect candy and whatever the houses give out. At least give something that can be done for extra credit, but not required! Who else agrees?

  • Of course not

    It’s bad enough that we have school on Halloween, so the least they could do is give us no homework for that one special day that everyones waited a whole year for. Once a kid gets home from school on Halloween, they shouldn’t have to worry about homework, they should be getting ready for Halloween.

  • Not at all

    Halloween is a fun filled holiday for adults and parents alike. I get HOURS of homework every night and have even had to stay up till 12am or later to get it done. NO im not an idiot and NO I don't get Fs in school. In fact i have an overall grade of A in all my classes so far and continue to thrive in excellence. I just have ALOT of homework. I dont get alot of free time EVER, but I no what it feels like and I want it desperately. Getting homework on a holiday that I look forward to every year is a NIGHTMARE. I'm afraid i'll never have the chance to even put my costume on. Halloween is the one night I can feel free to be anyone I want and if I can't have the chance to celebrate it than I am going to cry. And if I try to do homework afterwards I will just be forced to have the stress of trying to get it done before its due date. Halloween is an amazing holiday that I demand not to have homework on.

  • You should let kids play and have fun.

    Why should kids have to sit at home and finish homework instead of going around the block with there friends and getting candy. Let kids have fun for once. If you are or were a kid would you want homework, NO! So why should your kids get homework. Seriously! Dun, dun, dun...

  • No Homework On Halloween!

    Although most of the opposing arguments are that homework helps you keep your grade an A+ and assists you in getting into top college, nothing is affected if students don't have homework for one day! If you do not receive homework one day of the year, it won't affect any student's grades and/or scores. If necessary, if the student is having trouble with a specific topic, they can print out an extra worksheet or watch helpful videos online. Kids need at least one day to relax and bring out their inner child! Children are forced to sit down for 7 hours and learn non-stop except for a half hour to eat and relax. Homework on Halloween is simply absurd!

  • No homework on Halloween

    Kids should be free on Halloween its there time to relax and the teachers don't let you do that instead they give you heaps of homework and except you to do it! This is why we shouldn't have homework on halloween. Its not fair to kids who want to relax!

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  • No homework on Halloween (woomy nyges woowoomy nygez)

    I as a 5th grade student think teachers should not give homework for halloween for 3 reasons.
    1- While other kids get to go "trick or treating", you have to stay inside your house doing homework, which is unfair.
    2-Most kids don't really like homework any day of the week, so I think they should get a chance to relax and walk around with their friends.
    3- When you walk around peoples neighborhoods, you get some exercise.

  • We should not have homework on halloween

    If we spend more than one hour of homework we will get stressed and increase our blood pressure. This can lead to death. Also it will be depressing because other people are trick or treating, and you are sitting on a chair trying to solve a question on a paper this can make you even more mad. You are missing out on something very fun. This is why I don't want homework on Halloween.

  • No hw is not for halloween

    I dont think we should have hw on halloween because it makes trick or treating shorter and if not it takes away time to relax it will be hard for kids like that also thats the holiday that some kids like most and have been waiting for all year. I dont think that teachers should take away our fun and relaxation time from our very well known holiday Halloween.

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