• North America Should Follow Europe's Example With Food Waste Laws

    France and Italy are the first European countries to introduce measures forcing supermarkets to give their unsold food to charities and food banks, instead of destroying it. Even a small increase in donations means millions of extra meals for hungry mouths each year, so the benefits to society are just too big to be ignored. North Americans should seriously consider following suit and should implement similar laws, as the gap between the rich and poor grows wider here every year.

  • Waste laws neccessary

    When taking into account the huge proportion of food that is wasted in most developed, Western countries I do believe that laws against waste are necessary. Care must be taken that these laws are enforced in such a way that companies actually provide usable food benefits to the recipients of any giveaways.

  • No. It is a freedom a choice.

    There should be no laws against food waste. People who owns the food should be able to do what they wish with it. If they want to donate it, fine. It they want to throw it away, fine. Gov't has no business in forcing people to do with the extra foods accumulated.

  • Food waste is an issue.

    People need to start taking notice of how much food they are putting on the plate that just ends up in the waste bin. Laws could only be regulated at restaurants, and the government would have to work with the private sector. But laws probably would not be enforced, and wouldn't work for anything.

  • There should be no laws against food waste

    Besides being an incredibly difficult to enforce, on what level does it make one bit of sense to have laws against food waste. All it does is to serve up yet another long list of regulations upon people for which the government has no business. If somebody pays for food, they should be free to waste it as they see fit.

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