• Yes there should be a law banning gay conversion therapy.

    Gay conversion therapy is wrong! You are trying to force a person into believing their feelings are wrong and they should be ashamed. There is nothing wrong with being gay. As long as you are a good person and you follow the law, you are no different that any other man or woman. Trying to change them is a violation of their rights.

  • Of course they should.

    Conversion therapy is taking away the rights of the people who they are "treating" Conversion therapy is like electroshock therapy in the past is does more harm and does not change anything. From what I read about these places they are borderline torture camps.
    Face it these places are just a snake oil to desperate people who can't see beyond themselves and what they believe is "normal" acceptable behavior. You can't make a zebra charge its stripes- just hide them.

  • Conversion therapy is abuse.

    The entire concept of conversion therapy is based on the assumption that a) homosexuality is a disease or disorder and b) heterosexuality is superior or more 'correct'. Many, if not all, of the 'treatments' used are harmful and abusive. Aversion therapy is or was a common tactic -- this is where patients are forced to watch gay porn and other homoerotic material at the same time as electric shocks are applied to their hands or genitals, or while they have been forced to ingest nausea-inducing medication. Another more common method is 'reparative therapy', which forces patients to participate in stereotypically gendered behavior (i.E., making gay men play football and dissuading them from doing things associated with homosexual men, like going to art museums). All that any of these therapies accomplish are to cause shame in the patient and further stigmatize homosexuality.

  • Gay conversion therapy is the saddest thing really.

    The headline says it all basically. If a parent discovers that their child is gay or lesbian and decides to send it to a therapy in a bid to cure their child's "confusing disease" - that's a total violation of the child's access to human rights to decide whatever the child want for their life. How would YOU feel if a parent, friend or a society didn't accept who you are (in general) and condemns you to be sent to a therapy to "fix" you?

  • It's called 'legalized abuse' by therapists for a reason

    It has been shown not only that it doesn't work, It has also been known to cause anxiety and depression in the victim. While on the other hand, Those who are accepted as they are don't go through any of that. And those who are put through it have no choice in the matter because they are rarely of legal age.

  • For minors only

    Conversion therapy should be banned for people under the age of 18/minor. It should NOT be banned for adults. If an adult wants to undergo conversion therapy, That's their choice. But minors should not be forced to attend. As it can cause depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Self-esteem issues, And in some cases: suicide.

  • Of course it should be banned!

    Gay Conversion Therapy has been proven not to work, And has also been proven to show signs of psychological torture! It leaves people with PTSD and trauma that is being forced upon them by people who don't believe you can love who you want to love. Many of the people in these camps are teenagers, Minors that basically have no say, Are told that if they're gay or bisexual or transgender that there is something wrong with them, And could possibly be doing this just for their parents, Not for them.

  • Extremely unsafe and harmful

    Conversion therapy often uses torture-based methods of "converting" gay people. Many medical and scientific institutions have denied its effect, Saying it is ineffective and completely useless, It only causes pain, Mental illnesses and PTSD. Many survivors experience depression, Paranoia and self-loathing after therapy, As well as suicide. Overall it is completely useless and only causes harm, It should be banned.

  • Enjoy It Embrace

    There Is Nothing Wrong With Being Gay Just Be Happy Enjoy It Embrace It And Love It! Who Cares What Everyone Else Thinks? Just Ignore Them And Move On! God Love You No Matter What Period! Gay Love Is Beautiful Don't Let Anyone Tell You It's Not Again Enjoy It

  • Bad for minors

    Tactics such as shock torture and emotional abuse are used. No one should have to go through something like that. It's a horrible thing and lots of minors involved are forced by parents and told that THEY are in the wrong, not their torturers. That's a horrible world of victim blaming we live in.


    If a homosexual doesn't want to be gay, then good, they should see some kind of therapy. What about people with depression? Should they not be allowed to get therapy? Why should they? I think anyone who wants help with some kind of emotional problem should be allowed to get therapy.

  • No, there should not be a law banning gay conversion therapy.

    First, I don't believe gay conversion therapy is ever necessary, or even effective. However, I don't feel that it should be banned. This is because I think adults who feel that they could be 'converted' should be able to seek such therapies if they so desire. I do however feel that no one should legally be able to be forced to attend gay conversion therapy, including children.

  • Of course not!

    Are you serious? Yeah, I agree that conversion therapy is unnecessary and isn't even proven to work. But for fack's sake why would you go as far as to ban it? That's just unnecessary treading on our freedoms. If I want to make a gay conversion therapy then Ishould be able to! Of course I will most likely go out of business but that's my own fault. I should have the right to be able to make that kind of therapy.

  • Freedom of speech

    If an Adult seeks therapy for unwanted SSA or gender confusion, They have the right and freedom to discuss their issues with a Psychologist. Who are we to police language or dictate who can and cannot receive help. Full Disclosure: At 16, I developed SSA. I was utterly confused and disgusted with my feelings. I was able to discuss this issue with a therapist. My Dr. Helped me build my self esteem, Skills and process past childhood trauma. By the time I turned 18, I no longer had ANY feelings for the same sex. I was now comfortable in my own body. This was not 'traditional' conversion therapy by any means. That said, By banning this 'topic' therapist won't want to discuss it for fear of losing their jobs or getting sued. Ridiculous.

  • Coversion therapy should be an option.

    Whilst I do believe that the homosexual conversion therapy currently available may not be the most reliable, and I don’t believe people should be forced into it, but those who truely desire it may very well benifit from having it as an option. Banning it outright this early on in its development will leave those who truely want it with no options. I believe that this should be researched vigorously to give these people a real options, and banning it will destroy all chance of this ever really happening. Think of these people.

  • As reprehensible as it is, it shouldn't be banned.

    I personally despise gay conversion therapy with a passion. There is little to no credible research saying it works; rather, it often does more harm than good. However, a key facet of my own philosophy is that nothing should be banned, not even those activities I find absolutely disgusting and dangerous, as long as all sides directly involved consent to the activity (murder, rape, theft, and assault, among other crimes, should be banned, of course).

    Each person is his or her own best regulator, and hopefully, they would realize that "praying away the gay" or whatever just doesn't work. Still, some people truly believe that curing themselves of their homosexuality is the only way to go, and others want to help them with it or make money by doing it (often both). If the client truly wants to undergo this therapy, and there are others willing to administer it, then so be it. Just as long as the client understands what is going on, can leave at any time, and is in no way forced to go or stay by anyone other than the client himself or herself.

  • If you want to try it, why not do it?

    If you are gay and you decide that you want to be heterosexual for whatever reasons (religious, practical etc.) then they should have a right to try to change if they want to. And the same is true for those who are straight and decide they want to be homosexual. If they want to, they should have the right and freedom to try anything to change their lifestyle that they are unhappy with, which include sexual reorientation therapy. There is absolutely no reason to ban these, whether they work or not.

  • With a twist

    While I believe that gay conversion is a waste of time and doesn't work, I'm all for adults doing whatever the hell they want. Note that I said adults, as there is too much risk of a minor being forced into it by their parents. To be brutally honest, the day you become an adult is the day I no longer care for your well being, and if you really want to waste your time such a ridiculous program, then so be it.

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