Should there be mandatory voting for all citizens over 18?

  • Mandatory voting would give everyone the "right" to vote

    Many poor and disadvantaged people can't vote because they can't take the time off work. Mandatory voting would give us true representatives of the people!

    To those who say it infringes on their rights, what about the people who have no "right" to vote because there's no law that allows them to take the day off to vote.

    If we had mandatory voting maybe Americans would pay more attention to the representatives we elect.

  • No, voting is a privilege and a choice

    No, voting should not be mandatory for all citizens over 18. The government should not have the power to force people to do this, it is a gross overreach of power. Furthermore, forcing people to vote who do not want to means less educated voters. Voters less educated on the issues likely results in a poor outcome for the people.

  • No, that's a terrible idea

    We already have too many people voting that shouldn't be, we certainly don't need to make it mandatory. Votes being cast because the person has to, voting for who they think they're "supposed to" is not going to make the system work any better. It's pretty flawed as it is right now, this would make it an outright disaster. If you don't care enough to vote when it's optional, you shouldn't be.

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