• I think we should have guards

    I totally think we should have armed guards in schools because although teachers do keep a lot of kids in line, there are those who won't listen when they get detention or talked to by the principal. Having more armed guards would minimize the crimes in schools around the nation and help kids feel safer.

  • We need protection... Now!

    There have been too many incidents and close calls with people, kids and adults, meeting hurt or killed. And how could we have stopped all this? The answer is quick and simple, armed guards in our schools. It is quite obvious that armed guards are needed in our schools if we plan on staying safe.

  • It would give a sense of security to everyone.

    If there were more armed guards present the students and teachers would feel better. This would be especially helpful if someone was to show up with a weapon. There should be more than one person in a school because one guard cannot be everywhere at the same time if something were to happen.

  • Yes, we need more armed guards in schools!

    If there are more armed guards at schools, then the criminal would be less likely to cause a massacre. The school systems across America need to educate there teachers and students on what to do in case of an attack. Also, they need to educate the guards on what to look for and what to do in case of an attack.

  • Yes to armed guards

    Yes, I personally think that there should be armed guards at all schools in America. There should be some sort of system put in place in all schools to prevent something happening like what happened in Newtown, CT. If someone there had a gun like a security guard, so many of those children would still have been alive for Christmas this year.

  • Yes ,please protect the most valued assets of this country. Our future.

    People who argue that too many things could go wrong just won't consider the things that are ALREADY going wrong. These are the same people who've wanted to take weapons away for years and unfortunately are using this as a excuse to push their agenda. First they say that they just want assault style weapons, we start to think about it even though deep down we know it won't stop the problem (or didn't). Then they say "Ok, now we want all your weapons". You give them inches and they take yards. I still don't know what the point of being progressive is if you're just progressing towards a system that doesn't work. Socialism. If I was black I would be upset, because these people act like they care about me and coin republicans as the racist, yet they only bring up weapons when a bunch of kids in (yes) mostly suburban areas get shot up, with mostly white victims. See for yourself. Handguns kill more people, do black lives not matter? - libertarian

  • There should a team of armed guards in school.

    Yes, because the shooter in sandy hook school shooting had a assault rifle, so if only 1-3 guard go in then the died number will increase by the number of guard that went in, unless there is more guards that can support each other and with a lot of guards they will not run away like how they did in the Florida high school shooting

  • Having armed guards in school is abominable but a necessary first step.

    WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING NOW AND THIS IS A GOOD START. Unfortunately the number of kids shooting kids due to mental issues is real and a terrible trend. I am sick that we even have armed guards in airports and such high security needs but it is a part of our society today IF we start here in our schools, maybe our students feel secure and eliminate or decrease the threat of mentally disturbed people we are at least taking a step forward. From here we need to pay attention to these kids that have issues and realize our MENTAL health system is lacking in quality and FIX IT...Besides spending money on Building a WALL. Lets taKE care of our citizens Parents need to keep track of their children, pay more attention to their needs. This is paramount. It is completely our of hand and not only tragic but another embarrassing fact we as the GREATEST COUNTRY in the world are dealing with.
    Where/ How can I personally help this movement go forward. Columbine was the beginning..We as a country have been in denial of the fact that that it is NOT going away. Take action...We all need to know how and just do it

  • Secure our children!

    Any discussion centering around gun control as a solution to school shootings is at the least, emotionally immature and at it's worst part of a larger agenda. That said, nature and history have established that predators seek out weakness. What could be weaker than an unprotected flock of children, all penned in? Schools need controlled access and protection by armed personnel. It's good enough for every other valuable asset in our world; why not for our MOST valuable asset?

  • There is only one proven way to secure something

    Do you think that Fort Knox would get robbed if it didn't have armed guards? Probably right? So, other than armed guards, how could you go about securing Fort Knox? Hard to come up with another way of doing it right? That's because there really is no other way to secure something. Everything that needs to be secured, is always secured with armed guards. Trying to come up with a way of securing schools by making armed guards not an option is destined to fail, because there is no other way to secure them. If you took armed guards off the table, and had to come up with a way of securing Fort Knox. Would it be a logical way to secure Fort Knox by removing all guns from the location? Outlawing guns in general? No, because it wouldn't work. If guns were not an option (which is debatable anyway) then people would just use knives, sticks, or any other make shift weapon. The real fact here is that there is no other way of securing schools than with the use of armed guards. The simplest and most direct solution is usually the best solution, and in this case it is completely obvious that having guards setup a perimeter and then posted on each building would be the most reliable method of protecting the schools. Anyone who tells you otherwise is being extremely illogical. All you have to do is look around and you will see that there is no object worth securing that isn't protected by armed guards.

  • No, too much chance for things to go wrong with readily available weapons on school setting.

    1. More and better improved security system is a more practical solution to school setting, not more weapons.
    2. Wrong teaching to our young minds-prepare more violence to end violence.
    3. Unrealistic to assume armed guards will have proper weapons to handle crazy gunman at the right time and right place.
    4. Greater chance for unfortunate things to happen. Armed staffs, teachers, guards may be equally dangerous if they have an issue (family, relationships, jobs) that triggers them to turn against the school and students.

  • More guns=More tragedy

    Lets take the example of most East Asian countries, where they have little to no guns and they have under .1% murder/suicide rate. How is an armed guard supposed to protect kids? Its not like they have x-ray vision to see concealed weapons. Not only that but lets take a look at the costs of a proposal such as this. I'm not saying that economy>safety. But when we aren't actually making things safer, what are we doing? We turn schools from peace to a place of fear and hate. Eventual outcome: harming of the educational system and a loss of money/

  • Bringing guns into the school, no matter who is holding them, is just another gun that can be used in a shooting.

    I am 17 and stand 6 foot, 5 inches. If I were to have some kind of a mental breakdown and wanted to shoot someone, I'm pretty sure I could overpower a guard if I caught him or her by surprise. That puts a gun in my hands that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to access. I am not the only. My school has some very strong, physically fit wrestlers and football players. If they wanted to overpower a guard to get a gun, I don't think they'd have much difficultly. It's too risky.

  • Armed Guards Are Not Likely to Prevent All Attacks, and There would be lots of opportunities for deadly incidents.

    It's difficult to find examples where armed guards prevented a mass shooting. For example, at the Columbine and Virginia Tech school shootings, there were armed guards, but they weren't able to prevent those tragedies.
    Some examples for deadly incidents would be: Armed guards misreading student behavior, like a student mistakenly shot while playing with a toy gun, Student fights where a student grabs the guard's gun, A mass shooting scenario where students are killed in crossfire, or a nightmare scenario where a psychotic guard kills the STUDENTS.

  • The answer to gun violence is NOT more guns.

    The answer to gun violence is NOT more guns. If that were the case, why don't we just spend the money to supply a gun to every student? The lesson of gun violence is that the easier you make it to kill, the more people are likely to kill. The question then is can you trust anyone with a gun? I've got enough on my mind at school to have to worry about whether the policy academy reject just got dumped by his girlfriend and has decided today is a good day to die and why not take a few people with him.

  • Mental health is also a contributing factor that needs to be focused on.

    More guns won't solve this is issue if its what started all of this. We should all be focusing on mental health. Not guns. And we don't need armed security standing at the door of every classroom, let alone let teachers armed... What if that teacher or security guard were to have a psychotic episode, or a nervous breakdown?....

  • No. I do not believe armed guards provide an easy fix.

    In my view, the greatest issue with having armed guards is the regular presence of a person with a gun in front of young children. From my own experience in grade school, police officers by practice did not even carry guns when they were on school property. In addition, it is unrealistic to assume that one or two people with a gun will always be at the right place at the right time. It is also unrealistic to assume that an officer could stop someone when a gunman has weapons that can overpower what he or she is equipped with.

  • No, we do not need more armed guards in schools.

    I don't think it would be healthy for young children to be exposed to armed guards on a daily basis. I understand that there are safety concerns in schools these days and that safety is a top priority for today's youth, but there are other ways to accomplish this. Instead, let's increase security in schools with alarm systems and locked doors throughout the day. These options can improve security without over exposing young children to harsh armed forces.

  • No, no, no, no, no!!!

    Placing armed guards in schools are ridiculously unrealistic. There are at least 100,000 schools in the United States, meaning about 150,000 guards will be placed. Meanwhile, there are at least 75 MILLION STUDENTS. Do people really think that by letting 150,000 people carrying a gun in educational institutions are going to stop the violence rampage in the country? This is not solving the "root" of the problem. You're cutting the end of the thread, but if the yarn keeps rolling, there's going to be more thread anyway; cutting it won't help. To solve the problem, you have to stop the yarn from rolling, meaning LEGALIZING GUN CONTROL. THAT will end gun violence. Placing armed guards in schools is a defensive strategy, not an offensive one. But when you CAN use an offensive strategy, why in the world would you choose the defensive? The answer to this problem is very clear: not placing armed guards in schools to end gun violence, but stop the selling of guns to every freaking person who walks into a gun shop.

  • Two words : Police Brutality

    I'd just like to add on to many of the answers already given here, which I also agree with. If a student is committing the crime, trust between the school and the students will go down hill when one of the guards misunderstands something and shoots a kid in the name of "safety." A harmless prank that just seems dangerous to an outsider could quickly be perceived as a threat in that fashion.

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