Should there be more government spending on infrastructure?

  • There should be more government spending on infrastructure

    It is my opinion that there should be more government spending on infrastructure. The status of the country's infrastructure has been declining steadily over the last decade, and the government should provide more funding to fix the areas in the country that require the most immediate attention. This would make conditions safer throughout the nation.

  • There needs to be more spending on infrastructure

    The government needs to spend more on infrastructure and it needs to do it fast. Bridges are falling down, and roads are crumbling. The government needs to view such efforts as investments rather than as expenses. Spending on infrastructure could also be a way of employing people. Investing in infrastructure is a win-win situation.

  • Yes, there should.

    Yes, I do believe that there should be more government spending on infrastructure. In many places the government has been neglecting the roads and bridges and they have gone into disrepair or are inadequate for today's needs. Our power grids and telecommunications could use some work as well. We haven't put a lot of money and effort into the infrastructure of the country since Eisenhower and it's about time that we do so.

  • Government should minimize their spending in infrastructure.

    I believe that the infrastructure present in the society is enough to make it prosper. Government should not increase their expenditures in infrastructure. There are a lot of things that they should prioritize instead. I think it would be better if their spending would directly compensate the needs of the people. After all, we are the tax payer. Building infrastructures will not make most if not all of us benefit. I am thinking that the government should come up with different ways wherein they would be spending more the revenues from the tax they've collected and that the needs of the people would be more directly compensated.

  • Not At This Time

    I believe infrastructure can be very important to this country but I can not justify spending more money in this area at this time. Infrastructure should be the last thing on our mind at this point. We need to focus on the problems in this country especially those that interfere with the economy and the society directly.

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