Should there be more laws against the abuse of women that takes place during wartime?

  • Yes, there should be more laws.

    Yes, there should be more laws against the abuse of women that takes place during wartime. It makes sense that during wartime, the number of women that are abused rises because people can get away with their heinous actions attributed to all the chaos around them. So, there should be more laws to safeguard women.

  • Women need to be protected, even during periods of war

    The horrific news that rape of women during wartime is permitted by a rabbi in Israel came out recently. This proves that women still suffer abuse even during wartime. No matter what, there should be measures in place that prevent this behavior so that women can always feel safe even when their countries are fighting.

  • Yes, until abuse against women during wartime stops, we need more specific laws to prevent this from happening and to prosecute those who violate these laws.

    Yes, it is important to protect people during peacetime and wartime. Unfortunately during wartime, innocents suffer greatly as many individuals turn to a sense of depravity, feeling that anything is justified in war. It is therefore very important to create more laws against the abuse of women in order to fully protect individuals against violence and other forms of abuse.

  • No, New Laws Not Necessary

    I do not think there need to be any new laws to protect women (or anybody) during wartime or peace. Having a law does not mean that people will be kinder to one another. There are already enough laws about how to treat other, both in peacetime and in war situations. The problem is that people make bad decisions and do not care how they treat other human beings.

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