Should there be more programs and movements focused on our veterans? The homeless, jobless, and suffering a thousand ways?

Asked by: CyanicLupus
  • They save our lives, directly or indirectly. We do little to nothing in return to at least show a speck of appreciation.

    I admit that I am one of the ignorant masses that do not strive to express appreciation to one of the world's greatest heroes – veterans. It is a fact that veterans are under-appreciated. Because many of us do live comfortable lives and, in most cases, areas which are not affected by i.e. war. However, these veterans have put so much effort into training and especially doing the actual process that they have put their endless efforts into: saving lives, which is a great feat in itself. No great feat should be simply overlooked.

  • There's a million issues, but this one seems the least on our lists

    I have seen movements for all sorts of things, from the LGBT movement to the movements for women and all that jazz, but what about our veterans? What about the ones that are walking the streets without a home or a job? What about the ones that can't live their lives normally, either because they're mentally or physically or emotionally destroyed? They've lost brothers, limbs, practically their souls, and all because they either fought for our nation and or because they wanted to keep their families safe or whatever their reasons were/are. They've done so much, they still do so much, and there are thousands more doing it. Why aren't we giving them our help in return?

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