Should there be more restrictions on what parents can name their children?

Asked by: Juris
  • Yup, It's easy.

    The only regulations that are prescribed to parents naming their children is that they cannot utilize numbers or punctuation in their names. That is the only type of restriction that should be in place. I don't think it is appropriate to name someone 1223144? Or ?>@#>>$???#>. I need four words.

  • Yes, definitely their should be.

    I am absolutely sick of the disgusting, different variations, spelling etc of names. For example a name like Kayden - Kaeden, Kaiden, Kaden, Kaydyn, Kaydin etc. Seriously what is the point, I hate names with unnecessary Y's and I's. Don't get it at all. The havoc they children are going to go through their full life with misspellings, pronunciation and asking questions about it. So stupid and their shout definitely be restrictions. Stupid names should be band and others should be rounded down to 1 or 2 spellings. Parents who look for " uncommon, unique " names with weird spellings just do it for ' the look ' in oppose to looking out for their children's future.

  • What's in a name?

    The naming of a child is such an intimate thing to do and if there was more restrictions on it, the process would lose some of it's meaning. There is no reason to restrict what parents can name their children, no one has even been harmed by another persons name. If there was restrictions everyone would have the same few names and nobody would feel like an individual anymore.

  • No, it is a parent's choice.

    No, a parent should have complete choice in what they name their children. This is true, even if the parents choose to name their child something terrible. Parents control their children's welfare and should have the right to make choices for their children. This includes choosing what to name them, even if the parents have bad judgment.

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