Should there be only one language in the world which everyone speaks?

Asked by: Aeroeagle
  • Of course..Life would be less harder

    No more language barriers, which means you could go places where you always wanted to go. The language that would be a popular choice (not neccessarily the best) would be english, since the language is all over the world (unlike chinese where it is only near one location). We wouldn`t have to worry about learning another language. Another point is that with this, languages would no longer be forced down kids throats.. Which means no more grudges against other languages.

  • It would make life easier for everyone if everyone spoke the same language

    If everyone spoke the same language, everyone would be able to understand each other and no one would need to learn multiple languages. This would ease people who travel a lot, and go to places that speak different languages. It would help people understand peoples culture easier, because they speak the same language.

  • But NOT English

    It's my first language but it's not the best language, objectively and scientifically. Linguists categorize English as a "strong future" language and have found that these languages by requiring the future to be marked lead to people thinking too little about the future leading to more impulsive decisions particularly with finance. German and Chinese are "weak future" languages.

    Any universal language constructed should be a "weak future" language. One thing English does have going for it is the lack of grammatical gender which goes along with a decrease in sexism, so a universal constructed language should also have no grammatical gender.

    This does NOT mean people have to give up their own languages, just that there should be a common language for people to communicate in.

    As language is studied further maybe we'll find that different languages fit different contexts better than others, so maybe we could construct a "language suited for science" or a "language suited for art" or a "language suited for..." you get the idea.

  • No. A Language is more than a form of communication.

    For example, French is often called the language of love. It flows smoothly and easily. German, on the other hand, is harsh and angry. Russian is also harsh, but it has a poetic nature. Writers and musicians from different languages have produced works that have often reflected the language they speak/spoke.

  • Culture of languages.

    Each language can connect on an emotional level to that person. It allows that person's cultures and traditions to be passed down through a great method: language. It allows people to communicate between themselves, but not with others. Language is a great medium in which people can communicate in a comfortable state of mind.

  • Language defines thinking

    Having a variety of languages breeds a multitude of ways of thinking. The more ways we have to think about a given problem the more likely it is we will come up with a solution. Only having a single language in the world simplifies our way of thinking too much.

  • All languages are beautiful

    All language ha ve their own pros and cons....Each one unique.Allowing people to identify themselves and stay connected with their motherlands even if they are far away..If the world ends up in a single language,,the basic roots to the culture of each region would be lost..Also it allows regional unification.

  • Language is a part of culture.

    It isn't fair to say "This is the language you must speak" because everyone would be very angry. There are languages that have been around since the beginning of time and its a part of who people are. You could never undo that or take that away. Also, there are laws preventing this from ever happening. You can't pass a law that says you MUST speak a certain way. If you want to travel or live in a different location that is up to you to learn their culture and how to speak their language.

  • No reasonable reason for that

    Although it would be good to have a common language that everyone knows how to speak (pragmatical reasons), that doesn't mean we have good reasons for allowing only one language to exist - specially now that many of them already do. So such a conclusion is not only practically problematic, its also unfounded AFAIK.

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joning.78 says2014-09-09T10:22:02.460
We already have both common language and personal language. When we find one another we speak the language that same meaning. We apeak in the meaning of the same language to express. We use personal way to speak personal language that mit connect the instinct for others to understand what we want them to know. For e.Q the word love, the expression of love. Everyone knows. Even you are speaking alien languages.